Anti-Communist ‘Academia’ ALL LIES – Interview with Prof Grover Furr (Video)

The Greanville Post | June 21, 2018

While the Western media and bourgeois academia have no problem rehabilitating the image of international war criminals like George W Bush and his camarilla, or even Hitler, the venom against hardcore communist leaders, or those who oppose the US capitalist empire, remains fierce and unyielding.

The technique of dressing up anti-communist propaganda as ‘objective truth’ is the stock in trade of all academic departments and professors of ‘Soviet Studies.’

Prof. Furr

From George Orwell to Robert Conquest to Solzenytsin, very few people have bothered to check the sources on which they base their sweeping anti-communist ‘conclusions’.

Professor Grover Furr, a talented linguist and Historian, with an interest in the USSR, Stalin and the communist movement, has done just that, and it is his evaluation of ALL the sources and ALL the footnotes that allows him to reach an authoritative opinion on the true value of these ‘bibles of anti-communism. It turns out that the overwhelmingly reactionary Polish and Ukrainian sources are ALL biased, or outright fabrications.

Professor Furr has evaluated the most prominent sources of the bourgeois anti-communist myths: “The Great Terror” by R. Conquest and “Bloodlands” by Timothy Snider. What’s more he has dissected the most prominent “socialist” sources of anti-communist and anti-Stalin myths – those put forward by Khrushchev in his “secret speech” (secret as far as the citizens of the USSR were concerned, but broadcast widely to the imperialists as a symbol of surrender; and to the international communist movement, demoralising and disorganising it most profoundly to this day), that marked the beginning of the revisionist counter-revolution in the USSR, and the ultimate dissolution of Soviet Socialism into ‘market Socialism’ and then outright counter-revolutionary gangster capitalism.

He has also broken down the anti-communist, anti-Soviet and anti-Stalin lies of Trotsky and the Trotskyites.

n this short interview, Prof Furr talks about the evidence, his research method, and how he came to focus on these most profound areas of human history, which still offer rich sources of revolutionary experience and inspiration to the proletariat and toiling masses, struggling as we are under the yoke of oppressive finance capital and its web of world domination and political and military suppression. In the words of Stalin: “I know that after my death a pile of rubbish will be heaped on my grave, but the wind of History will sooner or later sweep it away without mercy.” Prof Furr has made a valuable contribution. We must pick up the political tasks, learn the lessons of the Bolshevik revolutionary movement and experience and build a revolutionary party capable of destroying exploitation of man by man and nation by nation; wiping away the historical crimes of this decadent era and building a bright and optimistic future for humanity. We will follow this interview with his presentation: “Khrushchev lied” and a Q&A session that followed.



Social Media Giants Choking Independent News Site Traffic to a Trickle

by Whitney Webb

The Greanville Post | June 21, 2018

(The Hacker News*)

MINNEAPOLIS – For much of the year, independent media has felt the sting of increased social media censorship, as the “revolving door” between U.S. intelligence agencies and social-media companies has manifested in a crackdown on news that challenges official government narratives. With many notable independent news websites having shut down since then as a result, those that remain afloat are being censored like never before, with social media traffic from Facebook and Twitter completely cut off in some cases. Among such websites, social media censorship by the most popular social networks is now widely regarded to be the worst it has ever been – a chilling reality for any who seek fact-based perspectives on major world events that differ from those to be found on well-known corporate-media outlets that consistently toe the government line.Read More »

How the Corporate Media Enslave Us to a World of Illusions

by Jonathan Cook


For several years now, I have been writing regular posts on my blog with one end in mind: to help open a door for readers and encourage them to step through. I select issues, usually those that dominate western media coverage and represent a consensus that we might term the Great Western Narrative, and try to show how this narrative has been constructed not to inform and enlighten but to conceal and deceive.

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The Alternative Media Can Defeat the Mainstream Media – Here’s the Game Plan

by Ron Unz

The Greanville Post | June 10, 2018


[Editor’s Note: We are extremely glad to see Ron Unz put forth a cogent memo on the need to attack the mainstream media as both a tactical and strategic priority for everyone serious about end ing the primacy of the Western imperialist paradigm. This is a long neglected task of the US left—or put more broadly—of those forces wishing to effect truly revolutionary changes in the rotten status quo prevailing in America and in much of its orbit of influence.Read More »

Hacking Democracy with Big Data, Fake News and Big Money

by Prabir Purkayastha

People’s Democracy | April 01, 2018

STARTING with the Channel 4 exposé of Cambridge Analytica, and now the NaMo app that sends data to, we are beginning to realise the impact of big data on elections. If we combine this with fake news – the recent MIT report that shows how fake or false news travels faster, deeper and wider than real news – we realise the danger of uncontrolled use of new technologies. Not only can they be used to sell us commodities we don’t need; they can also sell us toxic politics.

The global news channels and much of the online chatter, are full of how Cambridge Analytica has “hacked” Facebook data, accessing over 50 million user profiles. Missing in this story is the much bigger threat of companies, such as Cambridge Analytica, to our democracies.Read More »

Journalism of, by and for the Elite

How the New York Times and Wall Street Journal mirror the 1% they cover

by | March 24, 2018

Journalism of, by and for the Elite

American journalism has long maintained a sort of egalitarian myth about itself. While our country’s free press requires no formal training or licensing, an honest history of the profession shows very distinct hierarchies, from the vaunted Runyonesque blue-collar  beat reporter to legendary insiders, like Washington uber-columnist Scotty Reston, who act as handmaidens to the powerful. And it is no coincidence that arguably the nation’s two preeminent newspapers—the New York Times and Wall Street Journal—stand apart as the most rarefied of perches in our nation’s news ecosystem. It’s at these outlets that these class distinctions are the most glaring—and most problematic.

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“Bright”: New Netflix film has standard neoliberal politics

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