Lenin on the Labor Aristocracy

POLITSTURM | April 13, 2021

Lenin on the Labor Aristocracy

Present-day (twentieth-century) imperialism has given a few advanced countries an exceptionally privileged position, which, everywhere in the Second International, has produced a certain type of traitor, opportunist, and social-chauvinist leaders, who champion the interests of their own craft, their own section of the labour aristocracy.

Vladimir Lenin, “Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile DisorderRead More »


Canada’s New Democrats to formalize policy opposing Venezuela interference, sanctions

GOACHRONICLE | April 07, 2021

Ottawa: Canada’s opposition New Democrat Party (NDP) will formalize policy opposing interference in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs and sanctions against the South American country during the party convention later this week, parliamentarian Don Davies said on Tuesday.

Ahead of the NDP convention, which is set to kick off on Friday, several riding associations have put forth resolutions to adopt official party policy that would oppose interference in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, remove Canada from the Lima Group and seek to end sanctions against the country.Read More »


Sputnik V: EU Sacrifices Its Citizens by the Thousands on the Altar of Anti-Russia Point-Scoring

Alan Macleod

MintPress News | March 19, 2021

Sputnik V Feature photo

BRUSSELS — It is really not going well in Europe. Nearly 900,000 people have died from COVID-19, a number of countries are facing new waves of the deadly virus, and Paris is going into a four-week lockdown starting tonight after a fresh spike in cases. Meanwhile, the European Union’s vaccine rollout has been particularly ponderous. The EU has managed to vaccinate only around one-third as many citizens per capita as have the United States or United Kingdom, even trailing far poorer neighbors such as Serbia or Turkey (who have embraced Russian and Chinese offerings).Read More »


Democratic Socialism in Global Perspective

Electoral Politics and Transformative Perspectives in the Americas and Europe
January 11-15, 2021

Co-sponsored by the Havens Wright Center and the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

SESSION 5, The Crisis of the Capitalist State and the Democratic Socialist Response

Lucio Oliver, UNAM, Mexico (9:15) 

Jeffery R. Webber, York University, Toronto (31:29) 
Costas Lapavitsas, SOAS, London and Spyros Marchetos, Thessaloniki (51:49) 
Jorge Viaña, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia (1:22:42) 

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In defense of Ken Loach

Yanis Varoufakis

New Left Review | February 18, 2021

Ken Loach

So, it’s come to that: Ken Loach is now the target of a character assassination campaign waged by those who will stop at nothing to shield the apartheid policies of Israel. Their message to people of good conscience is simple: Unless you too want to be tainted as an antisemite, keep quiet about the crimes against humanity and the assault on human rights in the land of Palestine. They are putting the rest of us on notice: If we can do this to Ken Loach, a man who has spent his life championing the victims of oppression, racism and discrimination, imagine what we shall do to you. If you dare support the Palestinians’ human rights, we will claim that you hate the Jews.Read More »


Tax and Politics: Major Australian Firms pay more in Political Donations than Taxes

A Journal of People report

tax and politics

Some of Australia’s largest corporations paid tax of 10 percent or less of their profit in 2018-2019, but made political contributions that are much more substantial. 

The corporate tax rate in Australia is 30 percent. However, deductions available to companies reveal a legal loophole allowing companies to pay much less.

According to latest data by the Australian Taxation Office, the country’s corporate giants, including energy enterprise Chevron Australia Holdings and car parks operator Wilson Parking Australia 1992, paid little or no tax in the last financial year despite declaring a profit of AU$900 million (about US$656 million) and AU$2.76 million (about US$2.1 million) respectively.Read More »


No Way to be Halfway Revolutionary

We face a road ahead full of difficult challenges, and formidable unity will be required to overcome fallacies, efforts to erase our memory and aggression, in order to continue building a better country than the one we have now, standing tall and looking forward, with our heads held high

Karima Oliva Bello

Granma | October 07, 2020

Painful fissures and division have always existed, between the majority defending the Revolution and a minority aligned with U.S. imperialism. The LCB series has given us a beautiful lesson in history and class struggle, with tears. Photo: Cubavision

Broadcast on Cuban television, September 27, was the final episode of the second season of the series LCB: La otra Guerra (The Other War) and many social media posts celebrated the fact that the program had returned, with such care, to these moments in our history, when anonymous heroes of the revolutionary people defended the sovereignty we had conquered, facing the aggression of groups armed by the United States, eager to restore a past of domination and moved by gang loyalties and a desire for personal prominence.

Today, in light of these events, I would like to share my concern about other more contemporary happenings.Read More »


Big Data and the Science of Manipulating the Masses

Raúl Antonio Capote

Granma | September 17, 2020

At the beginning of the 20th century, Edward L. Bernays, publicist, journalist, and inventor of the theory of public relations, considered the father of modern propaganda and the engineering of consensus in the United States, stated in one of his texts, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”Read More »


Does Fighting Climate Change Require Postponing the Fight for System Change?

John Molyneux

Climate and Capitalism | August 25, 2020

Time is always an important factor in politics and history but never has it mattered as much as on the issue of climate change.

The IPCC Report’s warning in October 2018 that the world has twelve years to avoid climate disaster was undoubtedly a major factor in galvanizing a global wave of climate change activism, especially in the form of Greta Thunberg and mass school strikes and the Extinction Rebellion movement. At the same it is clear that this warning could be, and was, “heard” or interpreted in different ways by different people. In this article I want consider some of those interpretations and their implications, particularly in relation to the question of whether there is time to bring about system change or whether, because time is so short, it is necessary to focus on and settle for changes that can be implemented within the framework of capitalism.Read More »


Athletes Won’t Stay Silent on Politics Anymore. But Will Leagues Support their Protests if it Costs them Real Money?

Keith Rathbone

The Conversation | August 28, 2020

This week, the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court in protest over the police shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin, Jacob Blake, who remains paralysed in hospital.

The players’ boycott immediately threatened the viability of the NBA’s playoffs, endangering the most lucrative part of the season for the league. The players were also risking millions of their own dollars to raise their voices against racism in America.

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