Nepal: Two Large Quakes In Short Time Span, One After Another Is Rare

By Deepak Chamlagain


As the Nepal earthquake and aftershocks death toll, according to the Nepal Home Ministry, has reached 7,557 discussion on issues related to the quake is on-going. The following interview sheds some lights on the issue:

Rumors still swirl of another impending big quake. There is no need to panic, cautions Deepak Chamlagain, a seismologist who has been researching earthquakes in the Himalayan region for close to 15 years. Pranaya SJB Rana spoke to Chamlagain, who was resident disaster management expert at the New Delhi-based SAARC Disaster Management Centre, about the possibilities of another big quake striking soon, the implications of the continuing aftershocks, and the preparatory measures we need to take for the future.Read More »


The 7.8 Earthquake In Nepal And The Magnitude Of Impoverishment

Li Onesto

Saturday, April 25, at 11:56am, a powerful earthquake hit the country of Nepal. Within minutes, in the capital of Kathmandu, a densely populated city of 1.2 million people, buildings were reduced to rubble, street after street. Hundreds of bodies buried and many people trapped beneath bricks and concrete still alive.

By Tuesday, April 28, the death toll had risen to over 5,000, according to the Nepal’s Emergency Operation Centre, which said more than 10,000 people had been injured.Read More »