Together they live in “magical” tiny homes and a WW II veteran’s saga

Two of the “magical” homes. (Photo: Alexander Stross)

A Journal of People report

Housing is always a problem for people living within capitalist system. Beautiful living is a dream of all people. People are always struggling within their capacity to manage the problem in the system. There are forms of struggle. Innovations and mutual cooperation by people are part of the struggle. The following news brings to light one such struggle:Read More »


Urban Commune: A symbol of social housing and integration completes a victorious decade


MST web site, June 3, 2015

Located in Greater Sao Paulo, the Dom Helder Camara Urban Commune was the first the Landless Workers’ Movement (Portuguese: Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, or MST) [in Brazil] experiment in an urban area.Read More »