Times are changing for China’s labor movement

by John Bachtell and Carol Ramos Widom

People’s World | June 20, 2018

Times are changing for China’s labor movement

In this June 7, 2010 file photo, workers at Foshan Fengfu Auto Parts Co. a supply factory to Honda Motor’s joint-ventures in China, strike to demand for higher wages in Foshan in south China’s Guangdong province. | AP

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series based on a conversation with An Jianhua, international Secretary of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, May 29, 2018. Part 1 can be read here.

BEIJING— It’s been a steep learning curve for Chinese unions these last forty years. The program of economic reforms initiated in 1978 has brought an influx of foreign capital and facilitated the expansion of mass production facilities in special economic zones that cater to international investment. But after 40 years of economic reforms and the government’s pursuit of what it calls a socialist market economy, Chinese workers have experienced an unprecedented rise in general living standards, though the growth has been uneven.Read More »


Ukraine’s Mine Workers Demand Wage Increase and Safe Working Conditions

In support of the union, around 400 employees had gathered outside the largest plant steel in the Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih for wage increases and safe working conditions.

The Dawn News | 21 May, 2018



“I urge the employer to stop evading conciliation procedures and to start negotiations with the union to develop and to make a joint decision on the labour collective demands,” said Natalia Marinyuk, who is the chairwoman of the Metallurgy and Mining Workers’ Union of Ukraine (PMGU) trade union committee at ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih. The company, after 26 hours of negotiations with the trade unions finally signed an agreement to create a conciliation commision on May 4. One of the major demands by the workers is an increase of wages from 400 to 1,000 euros per month.Read More »

The Life of Labour: Kerala’s New Labour Policy, Farmers Protest Against Bullet Train Project

By Venkat T., Srividya Tadepalli & Thomas Manuel

The Wire | 20 May, 2018


Minimum wage revision and migrant workers’ welfare feature in Kerala’s new labour policy

The Left Front government in Kerala unveiled its new labour reforms policy that promises to increase floor minimum wage to Rs. 600/- a day, while creating various administrative structures to improve employability and protection of migrant workers. Like in the case of Delhi, the penalties for violation of minimum wages have been made more stringent. While abolishing all forms of child labour, the policy aims to create crèches in all districts to support child care for working mothers. To fund this, the government will impose a crèche cess on all establishments employing women workers. The government has also claimed that it would discourage ‘flash strikes’, which has been a major concern for investors.Read More »

TUC New Deal rally a magnificent deployment of collective strength

Photo: PA Wire

Morning Star | 14 May, 2018

Saturday’s magnificent working-class mobilisation in London behind the TUC New Deal for Working People initiative confirmed a closer unity of the labour movement’s political and industrial wings.

How many times have unions marched, protested and demonstrated for working people’s demands only for ivory-tower “Labour” politicians in Westminster to decry, belittle or ignore their calls?Read More »

Corbyn’s pledge to TUC New Deal rally: We’ll give workers a voice

WILL STONE reports from central London

Morning Star | 14 May, 2018

Photo: PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn pledged a future Labour government would guarantee workers “a say in their future” and give them more rights in a rousing speech at Saturday’s mass TUC rally.

The Labour leader made the pledge as he addressed tens of thousands who marched through London to demand a new deal for workers, including an end to zero hours contracts and the 1 per cent pay cap.Read More »

Domestic helpers and prostitutes are trapped in debt bondage in Hong Kong

A Journal of People report

A Hong Kong, February 1 2017 datelined Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s rights, trafficking, property rights, climate change and resilience,
feature mentioned:
Domestic helpers and prostitutes are trapped in debt bondage. These women are migrants. The prostitutes work in notorious Wanchai’s red-light district.
Citing a U.S. government report, Trafficking in Persons, the “Ex-pimp helps trafficked women cook their way to new HK life” headlined feature by Sylvia Yu Friedman said:
“About 340,000 migrant women, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia, work as domestic helpers in Hong Kong.Read More »

Campaigners Continue Fight For Justice

By  Peter Lazenby

Morning Star | 02 November, 2016


Campaigners for the truth about the Battle of Orgreave are undeterred by Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s refusal to hold a public inquiry.

Speaking at a press conference in the historic Barnsley headquarters of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) yesterday, Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaigners (OTJC) announced that they will be seeking a judicial review into Ms Rudd’s shocking decision not to hold an inquiry into the unprovoked police attack on miners in 1984.Read More »