Colombian Ambassador: Monómeros will return to control of Venezuela

The ambassador ratified the decision announced by his government in order to complete the process of registering the new directive

Odry Farnetano

Últimas Noticias | August 18, 2022

Armando Alberto Benedetti, designated ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela

During the development of the business forum Border Agreement held in Cúcuta this Thursday, the Colombian ambassador, Armando Benedetti, ratified his government’s decision to return monomers to the Venezuelan government led by Nicolás Maduro Moros and confirmed the collaboration of the head of the Superintendence of Companies, Billy Escobar, to close the registration episode of new directive.

“The Superintendence of Companies, in the company of our superintendent, Billy Escobar, have managed to lift the intervention of Monómeros,” said Benedetti.

“We have also worked to find the good success of things, because we have to change the board of directors based on the fact that the National Government has already recognized the Venezuelan.

It should be noted that Billy Escobar, the superintendent appointed by Duque: “is at the forefront of the task of returning Monómeros to who it really belongs to,” said Ambassador Benedetti.

Ambassador Benedetti reported that a series of contacts have been developed so that the US government maintains the license that excludes monomers of sanctions derived from being an asset on the OFAC list, in the context of unilateral coercive measures. “Without the license, it can’t work,” he said.


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