Iran-Russia-China Military Exercises in Venezuela a Slap in the Face for Washington

Orinoco Tribune | August 14, 2022

An underground combat drone base of the Iranian Army in an undisclosed location. Photo:

Iran, Russia and China, along with Venezuela, will conduct a joint military maneuver just 2,000 kilometers from US territory, in a challenge to Washington.

The military exercises with drones and sniper commands, led by Russia, will be held during August 13–27 in the city of Barquisimeto, Lara state, in northwestern Venezuela.

A total of 37 countries will participate in these military exercises, among which, in addition to the aforementioned, are Algeria, Belarus, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Myanmar.

The Spanish newspaper ABC described these maneuvers as a show of force against the United States in the Caribbean, which Washington sees as its “backyard.” The paper also called these exercises a slap in the face of US policies in South America, of which Venezuela is a part.

The United State has embarked on a militaristic and arms race campaign in Taiwan, providing this rebel territory of China with state-of-the-art weapons and holding regular military exercises in the eastern Pacific. On the contrary, when something similar at a very low scale happens in Latin America, all the imperialist forces of the North begin their campaign against the right of sovereign countries to organize their self-defense, as recognized by the United Nations.

The military exercises will be held just one day after the end of the annual military operations of the US Southern Command, called “Panamax 2022,” in which the armed forces of 20 countries in the region participate.

The military exercises scheduled to be held in Venezuela are within the framework of the annual military competitions organized by Russia, known as the Army Games. Venezuela is the first Latin American country to co-host these military practices in some categories. Algeria, India Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Mongolia, Vietnam and China are being co-hosts and venues for some categories.

Russia, Iran and China send a clear message to the US in Venezuela
Military strategists and experts consider these military exercises as a message of support for Venezuela, which has been a target of Washington’s hostile policies since it decided to take a socialist and anti-Imperialist path.

A high-ranking Venezuelan official—who spoke on condition of anonymity—told the far-right outlet Infobae that the military games do have a key message, but he assured that they do not represent a threat to third countries, nor do they seek to transfer “military equipment from those countries to Venezuela.”

Russia, China and Iran have consolidated their alliance by holding at least three joint military exercises in Asia since 2019. Now, they are moving these drills to Latin America, closer to the US. This demonstrates the growing influence of US rivals on the continent, said ABC’s US correspondent Javier Ansorena.

The military practices will take place a month after Venezuela first displayed Iranian combat drones assembled in Venezuela during a civic-military parade on its Independence Day.

In 2012, Venezuela reported that it was receiving help from Iran in building drones for self-defense. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has also floated the idea of ​​buying anti-aircraft missiles from Iran.

Since 2003 when Washington began to veto the sale of parts for the Venezuelan F-16 fleet, during Hugo Chávez’s administration, Venezuela started to create a new military doctrine based on the civic-military union through the Bolivarian Militia, in addition to alliances with Russia, China, Iran and other countries as providers of military equipment.

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