Wars of Position? Marxism Today, Cultural Politics and the Remaking of the Left Press, 1979-90

Series: Historical Materialism Book Series, Volume: 248

Author: H.F. Pimlott


<img src="https://brill.com/coverimage?doc=%2Ftitle%2F21878&width=300&quot; alt="Cover Wars of Position? <i>Marxism Today

Inspired by Raymond Williams’ cultural materialism, H.F. Pimlott explores the connections between political practice and cultural form through Marxism Today’s transformation from a Communist Party theoretical journal into a ‘glossy’ left magazine. Marxism Today’s successes and failures during the 1980s are analysed through its political and cultural critiques of Thatcherism and the left, especially by Stuart Hall and Eric Hobsbawm, innovative publicity and marketplace distribution, relationships with the national UK press, cultural coverage, design and format, and writing style. Wars of Position offers insights for contemporary media activists and challenges the neglect of the left press by media scholars.

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H.F. Pimlott, PhD (2000, Goldsmiths College), is Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University. Her publications cover precarious academics, Stuart Hall, punk politics, and print ephemera in journals such as Media, Culture & SocietySocialist StudiesDemocratic Communiqué, and Journalism.

SOURCE: https://brill.com/view/title/21878?contents=editorial-content


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