The Cuban people, neither hungry nor defeated, as honorable as ever

Hope of achieving on November 15 what enemies of the Revolution failed to accomplish in July didn’t last long

Raúl Antonio Capote

Granma | December 03, 2021

Photo: Ariel Cecilio Lemus

After the defeat of July 11 and subsequent attempts to keep the spark of “insurrection” alive, as one of its spokesmen called the pyrrhic attempt, the counterrevolution, its Miami overseers and masters in Washington desperately set out to save what they could from the shipwreck. The hope of achieving on November 15 what they had failed to accomplish in July didn’t last long. The plan was fallacious to begin with, a deception, another swindle.
Pentagon and CIA analysts knew it, government advisors and the Miami “businessmen” were aware, but it seems that, as hope is the last thing to be lost… It could happen, they believed, perhaps the “perfect storm” with the raging winds of a tightened blockade, subversion, the pandemic and a deepening world economic crisis, would weaken Cubans to the point that finally, exhausted by the hardship, they would explode and self-destruct.

It would be a kind of mass suicide which they would contemplate comfortably from their armchairs; just as they are willing to enjoy the self-inflicted death of a people broken by hunger, disease and slander.
It would be a kind of mass suicide that they would contemplate comfortably from their armchairs; just as they are prepared to enjoy the self-inflicted death of a people broken by hunger, disease and slander.
More than a few interested parties and shareholders in the business of hating Cuba prayed, in the privacy of their offices, to U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, Edward Lansdale and company, that the predictions they made in the 1960s would finally come true.
But neither prayers nor glasses of spiritual water, which we know, from reliable sources, some of the so-called Cuban-American politicians placed on their altars, saved them from defeat.
The implementation of the United States’ government policy toward Cuba by the Trump’s administration, enthusiastically continued by current President Joe Biden – who intends to destroy the Revolution following an extremely hostile strategy combined with unconventional warfare – was unraveling in the country’s streets and plazas.
Before the July 11 events, U.S. special services conducted a thorough study of the cultural stereotypes of different sectors of the Cuban population. A variety of social groups were the object of investigation and analysis with a view toward identifying their weak spots, to create a road map that would ensure the effectiveness of the CIA’s cultural warfare and political-ideological subversion.
Anti-Cuban influencers, cyber character assassinators and other species propagating in the digital environment, paid activists in the ideological war, based on the information provided by special service think tanks, worked tirelessly on exploiting weaknesses and shortcomings, identified conditioned responses, fears and stereotypes.
Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were spent to isolate Cuba and deprive the country of international solidarity through a ferocious campaign to discredit the Revolution, allowing the U.S. government to act with impunity and justify the barbarity they were planning.
A real fortune was squandered to buy consciences, pay mercenaries and hire criminals, the latter essential to assaults on institutions, looting, burning people alive, sowing terror and chaos, as they have attempted in other Latin American countries.
Like magicians, they pulled from their hats prefabricated leaders, made from molds already used in other countries, and bet on a replica of a pocket-sized Václav Havel, with more dramatic pretensions than courage.
Almost nothing could be saved from the 7-11 shipwreck. The teetering ship nevertheless remained afloat, despite taking on water, but then ran aground and sank in November, leaving a nauseating stench reminiscent of a long ago April.
The ridiculous ended up being grotesque: henchmen abandoned by their boss, who made a swift, undercover retreat, without even saying “Hold on, I’ll be back soon,” while a musician, if we can call him that, was awarded a Grammy in the U.S. dressed in a kind of royal cloak. A full blown demonstration of disrespect for our flag and unbridled machismo, with his partner tied to him by a strip of fabric, in an apparent act of submission.
No blood was shed on the country’s streets, as they had hoped. Cubans reacted with absolute decorum, neither hungry or defeated, naked or barefoot, honorable, as always, united and stronger in the face of aggression, unscathed by slander and lies.



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