Why are most charges against Alex Saab dropped?

Laila Tajeldine

Últimas Noticias | November 02, 2021

A scandal that has no similar precedents is the one executed on October 16, 2021 by the United States Government, who in its desperation to overthrow the legitimately constituted government in Venezuela, dared to kidnap the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab Morán, clearly identified with diplomatic passport no. 045778720, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as “Special Envoy” of Venezuela since April 9, 2018, accreditation that automatically grants diplomatic immunity as established by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations regarding to the inviolability of the figure of the Special Envoy (arts. 14, 29 and 40).

The truth is that once they identify from the United States the role that Alex Saab played in the projects that allowed the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to avoid sanctions, importing food, medicine and other products into the country, a persecution against the diplomat and in July 2019, Saab being Special Envoy, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury, imposed sanctions on Saab and several financial entities to block the commercial activity of importing food and medicines to Venezuela .

The same month of July, a lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Miami against the Venezuelan special envoy for participating in the transfer of some US $ 350 million for a housing construction project in Venezuela, says the lawsuit “between 2011 and 2015 ”. This lawsuit clearly suffers from grounds and evidence, which is based only on media versions. To show its inconsistency, it is necessary to remember that in Switzerland since 2018 there was an open procedure to investigate that same transaction of US $ 350 million that the United States alleges were the product of money laundering, and in December 2020, after three years investigation, the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office decided to close the case due to lack of evidence.

It is here where the media versions are denied because the lawyers when agreeing to the accusation against Alex Saab in the US court could observe the following: the accusation manipulates the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” of the United States to make it applicable to a contract entered into in Venezuela and with the Government of Venezuela. In addition, the lawsuit has marked inaccuracies and lack of evidence, for example: they refer to a contract for which they do not know the exact date that it was signed, they only say “between 2011 and 2015”, which verifies that they do not have it in their possession. ; They also affirm the existence of corrupt payments, but do not name any person to whom the payments were made; they also refer to electronic transfers for the distribution of profits without even referring to those who distributed said profits. All evidence has already been ratified by the Venezuelan Government and that is that the prosecutors have manipulated the accusation against Alex Saab and the US laws to make it applicable, without grounds, to events that occurred abroad and only for reasons of political persecution.

All of the above denies the excuses given by the media about the request of the prosecution to withdraw seven of the eight charges that have been filed against the Venezuelan diplomat, since said request was only motivated by reason of the lack of evidence they have against Alex Saab . However, they maintained only the most ambiguous and vague charge, which is that of “conspiracy to launder money”, an accusation that allows inaccuracies, assumptions and even a lack of evidence.

Let no one have the slightest doubt that we are facing a major political setup by the United States that compromises the credibility of an entire country and its justice system. Alex Saab is a diplomat kidnapped by the United States government.

SOURCE: https://en.ultimasnoticias.com.ve/noticias/opinion/por-que-eliminan-la-mayoria-de-cargos-contra-alex-saab/


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