Alex Saab denounces illegalities in his detention in Cape Verde

Últimas Noticias | July 26, 2021

Through a letter made public, the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, imprisoned in Cape Verde for more than a year for an extradition request from the United States government, denounced once again the illegality of his detention this Monday: In the letter appreciates the expressions of support received from the Cape Verdean people.

According to the Telesur web portal, Saab presented his case to the citizens of the African country and denounced that he had been kidnapped in that nation “under the instructions of the United States.”

Saab described that the humanitarian mission that, on behalf of the Venezuelan State, he has been carrying out since 2018, with a view to overcoming “the vicious and immoral economic blockade unilaterally imposed by the United States,” was entrusted to him by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

He recalled that a large part of his task consisted in establishing new commercial and financial relationships to replace those that had been lost due to the threat of Washington sanctions and direct harassment, for which the United States now accuses him of an alleged crime of “Evasion of sanctions”.

In this sense, the Diplomat denounced that neither Venezuela as a State, nor he as a representative of the country, are responsible to the United States, since no one has appointed them to be the world’s police and, of course, they have no right to interfere. in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian nation.

He defended his role as a special envoy, a figure who would have the right to immunity and inviolability to move freely around the world, which is not exclusive to Venezuela, since the country that has appointed the most special envoys is the United States.

Likewise, Saab made a description of the conditions of his detention on June 12, 2020 in Cape Verde, in addition to the irregularities associated with the arrest warrant against him, issued by Interpol.

Denounce that your detention is a political matter

The Venezuelan diplomat denounced that the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia, has made his arrest, detention and extradition a political issue from the moment he was taken off the plane.

He referred to Cape Verdean Attorney General José Landim publicly admitting that there was no arrest warrant to support Interpol’s alleged red notice.

Similarly, he summoned José Landim to explain why, if the red notice was the basis for his arrest, as he proclaimed just a few days ago, he was not immediately released when the red notice was canceled on June 25, 2020, after the Venezuelan government successfully challenged its publication.

Saab expressed to the people of Cape Verde his confidence that, after admitting these mistakes, the local authorities should immediately order his release.

Last week Alex Saab’s lawyers presented two pieces of evidence that resulted in the decision of the Economic Community of West African States (Cedeao) to declare that Saab’s arrest and detention were illegal, for which he requested the prosecutor José Landim to grant him his freedom immediately and to put an end to the extradition process.


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