The Disinformation Tsunami on Cuba—Analysis by Fiorella Isabel (The Convo Couch), Caleb Maupin, The Grayzone team, and other leading voices of the left

The Convo Couch | July 13, 2021

How the U.S is Manufacturing Consent to Coup Cuba

The above is simply a masterful (mostly ad lib) explanation of recent events in Cuba, by Fiorella Isabel, co-editor of The Convo Couch, for which she deserves substantial recognition. Patiently, and systematically, Fiorella demolishes the many propaganda stratagems used by the empire and its numerous mercenaries to move public opinion in the direction of regime change in Cuba—the wet dream of successive mafia cabals in the White House and “intelligence community”. If there’s a sorry truth defining the Empire, it is that the monster never forgives or forgets. It’s therefore fitting that Fiorella entitles her report, How the US is Manufacturing Consent to Coup Cuba, because that’s precisely what Biden and his accomplices are doing. They now want a Cuban Maidan. 

US govt, celebrities, bots fuel astroturfed Cuba protests to push regime change

Moderate Rebels / The GrayzoneMax Blumenthal and Ben Norton briefly discuss how the US government and corporate media are heavily amplifying small protests in Cuba to destabilize the country. While Washington suffocates the Cuban people with an illegal, 60-year blockade that the entire world just voted against at the UN, C-list celebrities are promoting #SOSCuba propaganda, and thousands of bots are spreading fake news on social media. ||| Moderate Rebels |||

THE GUSANO LOGIC: “Blockade is Good” #SOSCuba protesters want to block medicine & food from their own people

Blind, foaming-at-the-mouth anticommunism has long characterised the Cuban exile community in the US. Due to massive ignorance and/or deeply-engrained class prejudices, temperamentally petty to a fault, these people —who as true believers tend to reinforce one another—are happy to do the empire’s criminal bidding, even if that means the strangling of their own homeland. Six long decades of brutal economic sanctions and constant attacks are difficult if not impossible to ignore for anyone assessing the situation with a modicum of fairness, but fairness is a rare quality in this crowd.  

Jul 13, 2021

Cuba Crisis, Marxism & Automation – Caleb w/ Lee Stranahan & John Kiriakou

Since the overpaid corporate media whores will never risk their careers to report the truth, the world must rely on citizen journalists to provide the facts that explain reality. In this ridiculously uneven struggle between people’s voices like Caitlin Johnstone, Jonathan Cook, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Glenn Greenwald, Abby Martin, Jeff Brown, Godfree Roberts, the Grayzone team, the folks at Consortium News, and others of equally impressive merit, and the capitalist system’s Orwellian media machine, our role must always be to help distribute far and wide what these journalists produce—to act as “influence multipliers”. There’s power in numbers, power that the enemy cannot hope to match.  Put it to use by becoming an influence multiplier. Repost this material anywhere you can. Send it to your friends and kin. Discuss it with your workmates. Liberation from this infernal and mendacious system is in your hands.—The Editor, The Greanville Post

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