Anthology of cold war propaganda: a down payment toward truth

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This blog is nowhere near exhaustive. It is intended to serve no purpose other than a quick one-port call to obtain a more balanced view of the more egregious unlikelihoods promoted by western propaganda agencies in their anxiety to restrict the economic growth of Russia and China. It is envisaged that it will have to be continuously updated as the cold war progresses and the associated lies and mistruths proliferate.

The alliance of western nations clustered around the USA is engaged in a major propaganda campaign. The primary aim of this campaign is to justify the extraction of enormous sums from the pockets of their citizens to be spent on their ‘defence’ at the expense of their wellbeing. These eye-watering wastes go to line the pockets of the multiple interests vested in the military industrial complex.

There is a secondary aim that is less likely to be achieved, the containment and then removal of the Chinese one-party, consensual, socialist/capitalist hybrid political system. It is seen as posing a threat to the western exploitative system. Its apparent success is such that it could be seen as having the potential to offer the example of a more attractive and effective deliverer of human happiness than the majority of the West’s so called ‘democracies.’ As Biden has recently admitted, the CCP is proving so effective in government that they ‘will eat our lunch.’ (One might infer from this culturally revealing comment that he believes the lunch the Chinese are cooking should by right belong to the Americans.)

To achieve either of these goals the western leadership has first to persuade its citizens of the hostility and threat to their interests posed by the Russian and Chinese bloc. To prevent these goals being achieved, the Chinese alliance has to effectively rebut the outrageous and false claims that issue from the West’s highly sophisticated propaganda machine. What follow is a browsable anthology of the propaganda battle for the hearts and minds of the west’s population. No pretence is made that it is exhaustive – it is just random items and events that have drawn attention while surfing the net.

Propaganda war Using sophisticated techniques for spreading hate and creating the conditions for international conflict.

Winner?  This article from an /American academic gives a balanced appraisal of the two systems. 5 minute read.

Ideology I  The ideological confrontation in 2 parts: Part I. 5 minute read.

Ideology II Part II 5 minute read.

Good sources for more information on China, Russia, and the ideological war being waged by the West.

herecomeschina   A weekly newsletter published by an exceptionally well-informed American resident in Thailand.

dongshen  A weekly official Chinese government newsletter.

qiao  Patriotic news and views site contributed to by diaspora Chinese.

Here follow some of the claims about China successfully implanted in the minds of so many western politicians, journalists and others exposed to western social and main-stream media:-

At the moment the Western media is awash with personalised stories of the sufferings of selected Uighur refugees. Bearing in mind that Xinjiang, now free of terrorism, faced an American supported Islamist terrorist insurrection that slaughtered multiple innocents, and multiple relations of these frenzied Muslims have been embraced with open arms by the USA and UK’s hate-China campaigns . When you have read this article you can no longer believe every heart- rending story (some of which might well be true) that western media throws at its public while prepping them for war.

China is an enemy of democracy.

There are thousands of negative comments on leaders in democracies from people within their countries. Can you show me one scolding the CCP from within China?

The question, which seems straightforward, hides several cultural and political landmines. Here are some

  • China is one of the world’s leading democracies. No matter how you slice it–constitutionally, electively, popularly, procedurally, operationally, substantively financially, even theocratically–China comes out ahead. In survey after survey, it’s the most trusted government in the world and its policies enjoy the highest support. Its constitution guarantees its democracy (America’s does not) and its results are the most democratic on earth. Don’t believe me? Read Selling Democracy to China.
  • Our Western, Roman political tradition is monarchical and its legitimacy rests on force. It has always permitted public criticism if it is impotent. Real criticism, however, is punished by violent suppression, imprisonment, or assassination.
  • The Chinese political tradition is Confucian and its legitimacy rests on its compassionate care for its people:
  • The reason the State enjoys a formidable legitimacy in the eyes of the Chinese has nothing to do with democracy but can be found in the relationship between the State and Chinese civilization. The State is seen as the embodiment, guardian and defender of Chinese civilization. Maintaining the unity, cohesion and integrity of the Chinese civilization-state is perceived as the highest political priority, the sacrosanct task of the Chinese State. Unlike in the West, where the State is viewed with varying degrees of suspicion, even hostility and regarded, as a consequence, as an outsider, in China the state is seen as an intimate, as part of the family, indeed as the head of the family. Martin Jacques, When China Rules the World:

The Chinese have committed genocide/culturicide in Tibet

Tibet tour  Bloomberg on Tibet today.  4 minute watch

Tibetan life Series of official PR Chinese video clips on Tibetan life. 5 minute read

Feudalism Replacing theocratic feudalism in Tibet. Chinese government video. 2 minute watch.

Document A lengthy Chinese government report on Tibetan development. 30 minute read?

Western propaganda keeps retelling the story of the CCP’s massacre of students on Tiananmen Square.   The background to the Tiananmen affair that permanently changed China’s internal political dynamic (for the better – if you ask the 90%+ of the population who approve current government policy.) The coincidence of the failure of Mao’s desperate attempt in the Cultural Revolution to force Marxist ideology down the throats of an impoverished and long-suffering population not ready for it, with the demise of the communist regime in Russia and the general popularity of a then ascendant USA. presented a severe challenge to the legitimacy of the then Chinese communist regime. It is still a matter of deep regret in China that its embryonic reform process got so out of control. In the following thirty years the lessons learnt have been effectively applied.  There was violence on both sides.

China is in the process of committing genocide/culturicide on the Uighur population of Xinjian.

Declining birth rate Statistics on Uighur birth rates and population growth. Press the ‘more’ button. 5 minute read.

Drivel  How such drivel is manufactured – western governments and their media are not picky about the reliability of sources. 3 minute read

Version   A history of Xinjiang as part of China.  85 minute watch

Eye-witness A Canadian citizen of Chinese descent visits Xinjian to see for himself.  19 minute watch.

Useful porn  Popular social media shows Uighur being tortured typical of fake reports being distributed among western populations (Taiwanese BSM pornflic.) 2 minute read

Quora Moslem delegation visits contented Xinjiang. Why does western media hide such realities? 8 minute read

Rebuttal Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) video on genocide claims rebuttal.  30 minute watch

Moslem visit Moslem delegation on guided tour of Xinjiang. 3 minute read. The founder of the Newlines Institute described as ‘non-partisan.’ Azeem has just published a full report on the genocide of the Uighurs that is taking place under our noses. 1 minute read

Newlines Genocide 1 or 30 minute read There is a lucrative career to be made in war-mongering for MI5 and the CIA! There is no attempt made to explain why this ‘genocide’ (that inexplicably coincides with rapid population growth) is happening. No comparisons are drawn with the death and destruction of whole cities caused by the US campaign to root out Islamic Militancy and terrorism from the Middle East, nor the encouragement and assistance given by the US to separatism in Xinjiang.

Nor is it pointed out that it is not only the Uighurs but also the Han Chinese who have long been subjected to draconian measures to limit population growth. In fact while Han Chinese couples were allowed only one child, Uighurs were allowed two. There is no doubt that the Chinese government is pursuing a vast and far-reaching ‘re-education’ and integration campaign. It is also hard to imagine that such a campaign conducted by a government that saw itself as threatened by US attempts to destabilise it, could be conducted without any of the human relapses into violence and barbarism recorded by Azeem. The difference is that after the eggs in Xinjiang have been broken, the people will have an omelette to enjoy. Whereas, all the US has left behind in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in its forever war on terror is a scrambled mess on the floor for the impoverished and traumatised locals to clean up.

They have imprisoned at least a million Uighurs. The western media keeps on reporting the figure of between 1 and 3 million Uighurs imprisoned in China’s western province of Xinjian. Two minutes of Google research reveal “The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,833 state prisons, 110 federal prisons, 1,772 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,134 local jails, 218 immigration detention facilities, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, civil commitment centres, state psychiatric (7000+ facilities for 2.3 million inmates) … “ASPI, the Australian MIC think-tank, claims to have discovered through satellite imagery 380 detention facilities in Xinjiang.  With one million prisoners, the Chinese confinement centres must be horribly overcrowded. My guess is that the average population of detainees/trainees is probably around 30,000 at any given time – and the average duration of attendance approx. 1 month.

Forced-labour these prisoners are used for forced labour in the cotton fields (odes of US Chain-gangs.) At least some of the cotton produced in Xinjiang would appear to be the fruit of unforced labour! 2 minute read

Inside a forced-labour camp 2 minute read.

Chinese companies fight back Adrian Zenz sued for damages – were this a US court and a US company aggrieved it might cost him dear.

The female prisoners are systematically raped.

Rape claims The ever-reliable BBC issued a full report of the Chinese government’s policy of raping Uighur prisoners.

BBC claim  As the intention is to modernise and assimilate the Uighur population this would seem an absurd approach to the problem!  (Ever since collaboration in WWII, the BBC has had the closest of relationships with MI5 and it must be assumed its services are entirely at the Integrity Initiative’s disposal.) 2 x 4 minute reads.

Belief in God is not permitted and places of worship destroyed.

Shahamad Khan Professor at Milan, Italy (2010–present)
What is happening to Uighurs within Chinese concentration camps?

China is doing nothing wrong. I have personally visited China as one of my projects about how to uplift Muslims and clearly these camps are uplifting them and turning them to modern Muslims. They are given proper food and shelter. they are being trained in life skills like shoemaking, pisciculture, food processing, etc. They are also given the Chinese Quran which is a modified and progressive version of the Quran, I was shown an English copy of the same and they have removed verses that demean non-Muslims and teach them how to eliminate them. It has also modified prayers to one time from actual five but tells to do it five times in the evening. which helps to increase productivity at work. They are being taught not to take more than two children which is good for the modern world. Overall I believe all nations should back and adopt the Chinese model to help Muslim communities. So please stop this western nonsense that China is torturing us and if possible then invest in re-education camps like them. Those are far more useful than dropping bombs in our home. China is the only true friend of Muslims outside the Islamic world.

**Please note, my answer is based on personal experience and supported by all Muslim nations.

 Religious freedom The official Chinese line: religion is fine provided it does not lead to ‘splitism’ or anti-social extremism. If you are seeking career advancement within the ranks of the CCP you had best profess atheism. 12 minute read

The Chinese government  broke its agreement with GB in shutting down the democracy flourishing in Hong-Kong.

Wiki history The fundamental reality is that China undeniably owns Hong Kong. It was forced by its defeat by Britain in the Opium War to lease the territory and, when it came to reclaim the lease in 1997, it was still too weak to negotiate forcefully with the Thatcher government. The result was a long interim agreement due to expire in 2047, that gave the citizens of Hong Kong (who had not had democracy under British colonial rulers) time to establish a system of governance, given every encouragement by the West, that would make assimilation into Chinese society problematical. Most importantly Hong-Kong’s quasi- independence gave the West an intelligence base from which they could strive to destabilise the mainland. Egged on by the West, the youth of Hong Kong had their hopes of independence raised to a most unrealistic level. Western intelligence agencies pushed their luck too far and the young people of Hong-Kong have suffered as a result. Throughout the protests and the destruction of government property and disruption of the economy, Chinese law enforcement was responsible for just two deaths. Compare this with 700+ Gazans, protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem shot (the majority deliberately crippled, rather than killed outright) in just one day by Israeli sharp-shooters.

Security law  The west brought this down on their own heads. Time Magazine gives a fair summary of Beijing’s reasons for acting. 5 minute read

Subversion How the West was using the impunity offered by the remaining years of Hong-Kong’s relative autonomy to subvert . 5 minute read.

aljazeera view Al Jazeera is lees committed to the West’s lopsided version of events. It has also published items allowing the protesters/rioters to express their views.

China has no rightful claim to Taiwan.

Taiwan claim  Everything that Mainland China claims (including the mainland itself) is also claimed by the  government in Taiwan. It is based on territory claimed by the former Nationalist government on borders existent in 1911. Read the print under the map. Taiwan’s territorial claims are more extensive than those of mainland China. 2 minute read.

Competing claims Chinese have been occupying the sea long before the other claimants were even legal entities. 4 minute read.

Nine-dash line  The current dispute is based on the USA’s threats of military action against China and its stated wish to contain China’s economic success. The USA pays lip-service to freedom of navigation in the SCS. However, with good reason,   mercantile China suspects the militarised USA would attempt to deny China that freedom and impose a crippling blockade. China’s measures are defensive and inspired by the west’s aggression. 4 minute read.

 China is an aggressive and expansive power.

China’s land borders are with Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, N.Korea and Vietnam. China appears to have excellent relations with all of these except India and Vietnam. The dispute with Vietnam is purely over maritime boundaries and most unlikely to lead to war.

Attack India A former Indian diplomat’s view of expansionist Chinese activity on India’s borders. 3 minute read.

Attack China  More on the cause of Indian border friction. 3 minute read.

China’s claim to the South China Sea is without legal justification.

China’s case   Historic case for China 4 minute read.

Long history A scholarly resume of the history of China’s claims and the reactions of other states to them. 15 minute read.

The CCP’s rule is arbitrary and undemocratic.

Democracy? A must 10 minute read.

Judicial system   China defends its judicial system to the UN. 3 minute read.

Judicial system detail There is a highly functional legal system. 10 minute read.

The Chinese economy is about to implode.

China implodes The view of a former Australian ambassador to China. 4 minute read

The Economy is based on the theft of intellectual property that is the product of western civilisation: Chinese culture does not give rise to innovation.

Chinese tech  China appears capable of home-grown innovation. 3 minute read.

IP   US companies eager to profit from the Chinese market seem to be content to play by Chinese rules. 4 minute read.

Science advances   A directory of recent Chinese scientific achievements. 1 minute to scan – hours of delving.

The Chinese started the Covid epidemic and then failed to cooperate with the WHO.

WHO findings There are other indications that Covid antibodies were found in blood samples taken outside China before the Wuhan outbreak. 2 minute read.

The New York Times: “For months, China resisted allowing World Health Organization experts into the country to trace the origins of the global pandemic”. WHO: “We were in China from Day One.  Large WHO teams also visited in February, 2020, and again in June”.

AFP, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, The Express, Al Jazeera and The Times, said the Chinese Government acted uncooperatively during the WHO visit. WHO: “The Chinese government has fully cooperated and behaved impeccably.”

The Chinese government has ‘threatened’ witnesses. WHO: “our officers had access to any who wanted to give evidence without prior arrangement or limitation. Not one Chinese citizen spoke of being ‘forced’ in any way.”

The Chinese government would not allow ‘full’ access to the virology lab at the centre of the controversy. WHO: “We received full access and security clearance to ALL staff and areas of the virology lab concerned. “

The Chinese government tried to prevent access to the ‘wet’ markets in Wuhan. WHO: “We travelled wherever and whenever we wanted – always being greeted by friendly Chinese citizens willing to help and assist”.

The Chinese government stage-managed the interviews with surviving members of families who have lost loved-ones to Covid19. WHO: “We interviewed any one we wished without prior arrangement or appointment. WHO officers were ‘touched’ by the continuous kindness and concern they received from the Chinese people, who were very grateful that they had risked their lives to travel during this pandemic and try to assist China!”

China has unfair trading balances and therefore unbalances its trade with the USA.

Chinese cheats

And for Russia:

To understand how the British government actively works to undermine and spread falsehoods about Russia, the reader can spend happy hours reading extracts from the recent data-dump by Anonymous, who hacked the UK’s FCO funded Integrity Institute’s computer…

Anonymous  Eric Zuesse introduces the Anonymous hack. This is essential reading for anyone who believes all conspiracy theories are to be discredited, or that the UK public are kept well-informed by their media. 8 minute read.

The dump   The original Anonymous dump, which after several hours spent delving, reveals how the British people are being led by the nose. n hours of picking & choosing.

Donnelly Director of Integrity Initiative forced into damage control by the Anonymous hack. 7 minute watch.

Russia is an autocracy that assassinates its political enemies.
Navalny facts The EU has just imposed sanctions on Russia because of its poisoning of Navalny. Human rights abuses, deliberately misinterpreted and often falsified, are a prime cudgel used by the West to restrict the economic progress of other countries.

Navalny    Navalny’s actual significance in Russian politics (30 informative minutes)

No Novichok A medical analysis of what poisoned Navalny – it wasn’t Novichok and the Russian state was not involved.

John Helmer  This is an introduction to John Helmer, an Australian journalist resident in Moscow. He provides far more accurate and detailed information on the Skripal and Navalny false flags than could be obtained from any of the West’s main-stream media. 1 minute – then chose what to read.

Skripals terminated  Eric Zuesse on the Skripal case. The story of the Skripals was an apparent false flag by MI5. The fact that the Skripals would not cooperate made them an intolerable liability – all the huge gains in the propaganda war against Russia could be lost if they blabbed. When I read that the UK Sunday Times (a favoured MI5 voice-piece) had leaked that they had been found new identities and settled in New Zealand, I was immediately convinced they had both been eliminated, while still detained at USAAF base Fairford in Gloucestershire. 20 minute read.

Craig Murray   A google search on Craig Murray, a former British ambassador turned dog, will find much on the Skripal case. He is also a leading expert on Assange. 10 minute read.

Having read this Q & A one has to ask why Putin would decide the time was ripe to kill Navalny, as opposed to any other opposition figure.  Novichok is a military grade nerve agent of such lethality that NATO troops are told a single spot of an aerosol on bare skin will result in death within ten minutes. Quite amazing how both the Skripals and Navalny survived!

It gives comfort to dictatorships that use poison gasses on their own people.

Douma  The Integrity Institute must have heaved a sigh of relief when Robert Fisk passed away! All the other major gas attacks that the USA attempted to use as a pretence for regime change in Syria can also be shown to be dubious in the extreme. At the front of these stories is always the UK’s FCO-funded White Helmets let by an ex-UK SAS officer. 3 minute read.

OPCW The OPCW has been utterly penetrated by US intelligence – ever since John Bolton forced the resignation of Bustani, its first director. 4 minute read.

Bolton  How the USA subverts multilateral organisations. 3 minute read.

Some allegations yet to be addressed:-

It is uncivilised and backward technologically and economically and its people eager to be liberated.

It has aggressive intentions towards its non-Russian speaking neighbours as demonstrated by its seizure of Crimea and its involvement in the Ukrainian civil war that followed the Ukrainian peoples’ democratic decision to overthrow their government.

Saker A pro-Russian voice outlines his interpretation of the historical reasons for the USA’s confrontation with Russia and (at the end of the piece)some reasons why it might all end badly. 10 minute read

Under the beds An Australian army officer’s assessment of the Russian threat. NATO owns the EU and its members have amassed their military might against a country with an economy the size of Italy’s. No worries: the armaments industry is raking it in. 3 minute read

A good understanding of Russian attitudes to other countries can be derived from the works of two western academics Richard Sakwa Sakwa and the recently late Stephen Cohen Cohen other good sources are and a Canadian site, Russia Observer

Kevin This blog is instructive as to how the west’s propaganda machine suppresses unbiased and therefore largely favourable views on Russia. This former Australian ambassador was de-platformed for his fair reporting. 5 minute read

It is constantly interfering in the USA’s internal politics.

Losing Marbles The USA has good reason to hate Wikileaks and seek vengeance by trumping up charges against Assange. The reason to doubt any allegations relating to Russian hackers. 5 minute read.

PIRM 1 A New Zealand researcher describes how US rejected Russian attempts to establish a global treaty on Cyber security.

PIRM 2 How Cyber attacks can be falsely ascribed to Russia and China

A wave of falsehoods A long read but says all that needs to be said. 15 minute read.

Meddling More on accusations of election meddling – something that the USA never does! 9 minute read

Reuters integrity Reuters report on Putin’s latest election meddling – complete with false assertions about the Mueller Report’s findings. 4 minute read.

Russian aggression in Ukraine is responsible for the next bout of hostilities now anticipated to commence when the ground becomes suitable for armoured warfare (usually around May.) This section will be updated as things develop. The Navalny false-flag having failed to achieve the objective, the US is now trying to get the Ukrainians to provoke Russia into a defensive move that can be represented as aggression and thus force the EU to cancel the Nord Stream 2 project.

Ukrainian Nazi’s Russia, having lost more than 30 million of its citizens to a Nazi invasion – has little tolerance for their ideology.

Biden’support Happily, President Biden has no such qualms

Integrated with, or fellow travelling alongside the Military Industrial Complex, the key players, with a vested interest in wars and rumours of war are:-

  • Western intelligence agencies: CIA + 16 other US agencies, UK‘s SIS, Germany’s BND etc. Israel’s Mossad is the only western intelligence agency which is not totally subservient to big brothers in the USA and thus not wholeheartedly committed to the cold war confrontation with Russia and China.
  • The Five Eyes alliance – used to be just for intelligence gathering but is becoming increasingly diplomatically active.
  • Mainstream media: particularly Washington Post, New York Times, The Times of London, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.
  • Think Tanks and multiple academic departments in which career prospects are measured by the number of anti-Russian and anti-Chinese articles published.  A random selection would show:-
  • In the USA: Too many to itemise  Think Tanks
  •  In Britain: International Institute for Strategic Studies, Chatham House, RUSI
  • In Australia: Lowry, ASPI

Fronts: such as the Integrity Institute; Bellingcat; the White Helmets; subverted multilateral institutions such as the OPCW.

To find a balanced selection of viewpoints on Google is practically impossible – here is a brief survey.  

Search Instruction: ‘Uighurs. ‘Of the first twelve entries three could be considered middle of the road – Wikipedia, Britannica and Al-Jazeera. The remainder were all anti-Chinese government: BBC x 2, Guardian x 3, Daily Mail, NY Times, US PBS and Deutsche Welle. After the sixth page I gave up trying to find a single article presenting a Chinese government point of view.

Search Instruction: ‘Hong Kong riots.’  Of the first 13 entries, two were videos from the South China Morning Post, based in Hong-Kong but attempting to be balanced. One was from Wikipedia, and the remainder all firmly committed to an anti-China line: BBC x 2, CNN x 2, NYT x 3, Guardian x 2, ABC x 1. It would appear that for general members of the western public and non-investigative journalists, alternative thoughts are virtually unobtainable.

I have gone no further in this survey. At this stage of the Punch and Judy performance the point appears adequately made. As were their forebears, the cannon fodder of 1914, today’s blinkered populations will soon be well-groomed for war on behalf of their puppeteers.


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