MISIONVERDAD | June 02, 2021

The United States returns to release the letter of the “Chinese virus”, this time under the slang “intelligence evaluation” through reports from its agencies and corporate media, led by The Wall Street Journal , which produced an article alleging that there were scientists in Wuhan infected prior to the first records of covid-19 in China.

The “lab leak” theory was first raised in early 2020 by Steve Bannon, former National Security adviser to Donald Trump and other anti-China propagators in the Republican Party, the aftermath of which was tied to the ex-president’s harangue. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the “Chinese virus,” as senior journalist Finian Cunningham well recalls in a recent article published in Strategic Culture .

The narrative centered on the idea that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a world-class infectious disease research laboratory, released a deadly virus by accident or designed to infect the rest of the world and, in particular, decimate the economy of USA.

Taking into account that the economic and financial crisis that the United States is experiencing had already been showing forcefully prior to the registration of covid cases in China, as we well analyzed in this rostrum , “these statements were discarded last year by the Democrats and their media. communication of support as a typical unhinged conspiracy of Trump, who also believed that injecting household bleach into the human body could be a cure for COVID-19, “Cunningham comments.

A more plausible scenario, one that China and many other international experts proposed, was that the SAR-CoV-2 virus evolved in nature and was transmitted from animals to humans.

In fact, a scientific research group from the World Health Organization (WHO) reached the same conclusion after visiting Wuhan, where the first cases of SARS-CoV-2 were recorded in China. Tsinghua University expert Liang Wannian, a member of this commission, said at a press conference:

“We have conducted a review of surveillance data on […] mortality in Wuhan City and the rest of Hubei Province during the period July to December 2019. These produced little evidence of unexpected substantial fluctuations in mortality that could suggest the occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. There is no evidence of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the population in the period prior to December 2019. There is insufficient evidence to determine whether SARS -CoV- 2 had spread in Wuhan before December 2019. “

The WHO recommended that more studies be carried out to locate the global origin of the disease, ruling out that China was hiding something as they allege from the United States. The level of organization of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is so high that it is difficult to think that there was a virus leak from there, determined Vladimir Dedkov, deputy director of the Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

No one is sure of the exact origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Cunningham says that “it may take years of scientific research to determine the answer. More than a century after the 1918-20 influenza pandemic that caused between 17 and 100 million deaths worldwide, it is still unclear where that virus originated. “

Although, according to official sources, in China the new coronavirus was detected there for the first time, there are legitimate suspicions that the disease could have been present before in the United States and in Europe, but not diagnosed as covid but erroneously as a “new flu”. “That is why a scientific effort for international cooperation is required, not a politicized agenda of prejudice,” concludes the aforementioned journalist.

A study published on November 30, 2020 in the scientific journal  Clinical Infectious Diseases  of the University of Oxford collects an analysis of blood samples that verifies the deployment of covid-19 in the United States before that in Wuhan, reviewed by Mission Truth .

All these data indicate that one should at least doubt the version of the “laboratory leak” and suspect who broadcast that version incessantly, especially if it responds to the name of NBC, CNN and the New York Times .

The emergence of US media claims that Chinese scientists in the Wuhan lab fell ill with Covid-19 symptoms in November 2019, weeks before the public cases were reported, does not appear to have any basis. China has dismissed  such accusations as false. The Wuhan laboratory has also stated that none of its scientists were ill with covid.

In this framework, President Biden ordered  his intelligence community to report the origin of the coronavirus within 90 days. It is the agencies (CIA, NSA, DEA, DIA, etc.) that launched the empty shell of Russiagate and Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” into the ring together with the American corporate media .

Why is the United States coming back with a new version of the “Chinese virus” right now? Cunningham responds: “It sounds like another reprehensible recipe for selecting ‘evidence’ to produce an assessment that suits a political demand. And that demand is that Washington find ways to further harass China and rally American allies around a political demand. anti-China policy. “

There is no “new evidence”.

However, China is helping other countries vaccinate their populations as the hoarding of vaccines by so-called “first world” countries runs its course. In fact, the United States has a surplus dose that it is unwilling to share even with its closest European partners.

China, for its part, contained the outbreak in its territory while the United States let 600 thousand people die under health policies harmful to the health of its population. The resurgence of the “lab leak” narrative is the damage control of these circumstances. A country demonized by the West has become an example to follow with the deployment of Chinese vaccines around the world, especially in Latin America (the supposed “backyard” of the United States).

Uruguayan analyst and journalist Raúl Zibechi reviews a report published by the Hong Kong daily, South China Morning Post , in which he affirms that Latin America “is the largest per capita recipient of Chinese vaccines, which for many countries are the only option for now” and highlights that in the region “agreements have been signed for 225 million doses of Chinese vaccines”, which is equivalent to 36 doses per 100 people, ahead of Southeast Asia with 31 doses per 100 people and the Middle East with 35 doses. . For its part, Central and Eastern Europe lag behind with just six doses per 100 people, but ahead of Africa with four doses.

In addition, the CoronaVac vaccine, produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech and beaten by the British Medical Journal due to its efficacy rate (50.4%), had excellent results in Serrana , a small municipality of about 50 thousand inhabitants, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, the epicenter of the pandemic in Latin America and, with the government of Jair Bolsonaro, a close partner of the United States.

In Serrana, 97.7% of the population was vaccinated and deaths and infections from covid were reduced to almost zero. Studies suggest that if 75% of a population are vaccinated with this drug it is possible to achieve herd immunity and completely contain the virus.

These are all reasons why Biden has been as belligerent with Beijing as Trump was. “That shows that politics is fixed in Washington regardless of who actually sits in the Oval Office,” confirms Cunningham, ending:

“If the Biden administration were genuinely motivated to determine the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic, it would not politicize the matter with the blatant aim of defaming Beijing. Instead, Biden would be working with the WHO and China to scientifically study the pandemic. That would include conducting investigations into ‘novel flu’ deaths in the United States during 2019, as well as allowing inspections of biological laboratories in the country, such as the Fort Detrick military site in Maryland, and hundreds of other biological laboratories that Americans have established in Asia in recent years. As things stand, Biden is looking at China. That’s political, not scientific. “




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