Martí, Cuba’s moral sun

Mailenys Oliva Ferrales and Eduardo Palomares Calderón

Granma | May 20, 2021

Photo: Eduardo Palomares

It is difficult to avoid a watery eye or an accelerated heartbeat when reconsidering, in all its details, the tragic day of our national hero’s death, May 19, 1895, in Dos Rios.

“My first thoughts this May 19, are for José Martí, 126 years after his fall in battle and his political testament: To prevent in time, with the independence of Cuba, the expansion of the empire over the lands of America,” tweeted Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, on a day filled with patriotic sentiments for Cubans.

“Discharge blocked. Wounded horse. A dying Martí fallen, the boy who sees him attempts to approach. He cannot. He flees, carrying the news,” this is how Eusebio Leal described the heartbreaking moment in which Cuba lost a treasured son.

For good reason, every May 19 in Revolution, has been a day for recounting and a grateful homeland’s tribute to our national hero, to whom Army General Raul Castro Ruz and our President dedicated floral wreaths placed within the mausoleum that safeguards Martí’s remains, in Santiago de Cuba’s patrimonial Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.

Flowers from the president of the National Assembly of People’s Power and the Council of State, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, and the Cuban people added to the tribute, during a ceremony that began with an Honor Guard of Revolutionary Armed Forces combatants.

In Dos Ríos, the sacred site where the most universal Cuban shed his blood, a heartfelt tribute was also held, with a political-cultural event during which younger generations reaffirmed their commitment to the validity of Marti’s legacy.

As part of the ceremony, Party and the Government authorities in Granma placed a wreath on behalf of the province’s youth alongside the ten-meter obelisk erected in the exact location where Martí fell in combat.

From this spot, Martí continues illuminating us as the “moral sun” of Cuba he described in verse, also as the rose, palm and flag, solid ground and constant stream. He continues at our side every January and every May… in battle, every day.


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