Venezuela denounces international complicit silence on the massacre in Colombia

Blanco Narkys

Ultimas Noticias | May 18, 2021

“The cause of the massacred youth in Colombia is also a problem for Venezuela because we are brothers,” said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Tuesday, referring to the protests taking place in Colombia.

During a working day dedicated to the National University Entrance System “Bicentennial 2021”, the head of state expressed solidarity with the Colombian youth, in the face of the massacre carried out by the Colombian police force.

“When we see how they are murdered, raped young women and denied the right to education is when one says that Venezuela must be defended,” he said.

“More than 45 young people have been assassinated, more than 600 disappeared are registered in Colombia. I want to convey all the solidarity with the youth of Colombia who are fighting in the streets for their right to education and health, ”said the President.

“In Colombia there is a massacre against the people, there is no right to study. My solidarity with the Colombian people, Duque does not listen to the needs of the people… What is the International Community doing in the face of the massacre that Colombia is experiencing? What do the organizations for the defense of human rights do?

He assured that what is happening in Colombia is a sign that the Colombian people do not approve of the internal policies of the Duque government.

Maduro, compared the situation in Colombia with that of Chile. “Everything that is happening in Colombia is the announcement that new times are coming in favor of that suffered, massacred and martyred people. Just as it happened in Chile, it will happen in Colombia, the youth against Piñera, until today that paved the way for a constituent process ”, he recalled.


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