The New Oil Rush: Nations scramble for minerals critical to clean energy

Down To Earth | April 22, 2021

Petro to Electro: A new transition that will change the world, has begun

The geopolitics of the world will shift from oil producing countries to the rare earth and other critical mineral producing countries in the coming years
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Petro to Electro: It is the Dragon vs the Rest on critical minerals

There is a fight among countries to secure the greatest share of critical battery minerals and China has taken a huge early lead
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From Petro to Electro: How prepared is India to ride the energy transition wave?

An electro-economy is an inevitable reality. The quicker India prepares for this change, the bigger will be the economic spin off, along with low carbon and health benefits
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From Petro to Electro: Why hydrogen could be the fuel of the future

Given the supply constraints of battery materials, hydrogen could play a key role in energy transition
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Decarbonisation in a fraught geopolitical landscape

The production of the technologies necessary to decarbonise and digitalise the global economy has unfortunately been drawn into the battlefield of geopolitics, the most prominent of which is the US-China rivalry
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‘No country can control the entire critical mineral value chain’

India needs to act fast on exploration, excavation and setting up critical material value chains through adequate downstream investments

Petro to Electro: ‘Energy transition is happening, and it is unstoppable’

Down To Earth speaks to Gauri Singh from the International Renewable Energy Agency on the global transition to clean energy
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