Humpback whales may have bounced back from near-extinction, but it’s too soon to declare them safe

Olaf Meynecke

The Conversation | April 01, 2021

A pod of humpback whales lunge feeding.
The resurgence of humpback whales is one of conservation’s greatest success stories. Shutterstock

The resurgence in humpback whale populations over the past five decades is hailed as one of the great success stories of global conservation. And right now, the federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is considering removing the species from Australia’s threatened list.

But humpback whales face new and emerging threats, including climate change. Surveying whales is notoriously hard, and the government has not announced monitoring plans to ensure humpback populations remain strong after delisting. We need a plan to keep them safe.Read More »


No Money in the Bank

Samantha Masi

Culture Matters | March 25, 2021

No Money in the Bank

No money in the bank.
But how will we pay our bills?

No money.
The computer algorithm
messed up again.

Why won’t it let us be?
They all sigh, they say
Why can’t you get a job?
I’m doing my childminding
course. I’m moving. I’ll apply
for care.
I have cats to feed

No money in the bank.
How will I pay for my car
insurance and tax?
How will we live another month?
Two rents to pay,
No help from the government.
They say call a helpline
They don’t care.

We will have to visit the food bank again.
It’s so embarrassing –
But we have no choice
If we want to survive.
We have no money in the bank.

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