Venezuela became a central objective of the US strategy

The Foreign Minister of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza said categorically that Venezuela has become the central objective of the strategy of the United States (USA) and its allies, for not acceding to their interests and consolidating the fight in defense of our sovereignty and independence, “because for years the governments were subservient to those interests and allowed the looting of great resources, which changed with the triumph of the Revolution.”

During an interview conducted by the team from the Prensa Latina Scanner section, Jorge Arrreaza recalled that the triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution at the dawn of the XNUMXst century marked a stage of transformation that evidenced a shift in our country’s position vis-à-vis the interests of domination of the North American government.

“It has been that position of domination, marked by the network, the interlocking of corporate, military, technological, industrial and financial interests, which leads Washington to its obsessive goal of controlling Venezuela,” Foreign Minister Arreaza emphasized.

In the information published on the Prensa Latina web portal, reference is made to the report of the UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douha, in which it is recognized that both “the Venezuelan State and people are currently facing the consequences of the systematic imposition of measures unilateral coercive actions by the United States since 2005 ”.

Regarding this issue, Arreaza stressed that “those coercive, unilateral and arbitrary measures that generate the blockades are outside international law,” highlighting that one of the main issues of the Government’s foreign policy will be framed in denouncing the illegality of the blockade. from the United States.

When consulted about the new geopolitical panorama of Latin America, Arreaza classified it as a transition scenario ruled by a climate of hope and that constitutes a nuisance for the United States and the great emporiums of imperial power. “Regardless of who occupies the seat of the White House, the essential objective of all North American administrations will always be the control and domination of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he emphasized.

“The first decade of this century was won by the people because different governments managed to gain power, some more popular than others, but in a range of revolutionary and progressive positions, with great organizational capacity to integrate and face global challenges”, Chancellor Arreaza assured.

He then added that this situation annoyed the United States and “we see how they began to intervene in Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia, while intensifying their actions to destabilize Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, in order to impose right-wing governments that ensure the relationship of dependency ”.

“Slavish governments that, if they are ordered to attack Venezuela, there they go; If they guide them to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), they begin to privatize everything; more drugs have to be produced, they produce it and also protect operations; this is how they work ”, explained Minister Arreaza.

During the interview, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, when making a correlation of political forces in Latin America, pointed out that “Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, and more recently the probability of victory in Ecuador, show that, with nuances, with differences, with different levels They are governments concerned about their peoples, sensitive to their needs, that are going to act in a coordinated manner and this is not by chance or by the simple movement of a pendulum ”.

He added that the United States and the decadent capitalist system will have a difficult relationship with those countries, because they will not be able to impose their policies on them; “They will have no alternative but to negotiate with them on the basis of respect,” he predicted.

In general, he emphasized that “the destiny of our America is to unite, face our problems and our potentialities together, they will have to accept that reality.”

Prensa Latina emphasizes that Arreaza expressed his full conviction that at some not too distant moment, referring to chess, Latin America in the face of its imperialist adversary could alternately move its pieces on the board, with the aim of defeating the “king” of the empire and to be able to “checkmate” their neoliberal policies.

After summarizing the different unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States against our country, the information from Prensa Latina states that the United Nations special rapporteur, through her report, states that the illegal actions implemented by the United States limited the development of the country due to the damage they have generated in the national economy; In addition to obstructing access to medicines and food, generating “devastating” consequences on the health of the people, consolidating the crisis and internal pressure, which has caused the departure of many compatriots, which meant the separation of many families.


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