FACE OF AN ECONOMY: U.S.: Corporate landlords helped drive the evictions crisis

A Journal of People report


“Millions of Americans are at risk of being evicted from their homes in 2021. Research shows that evictions often result in a myriad of bad public health outcomes, including an increased spread of COVID-19.” (Kat Eschner, “In 2021, a new wave of evictions could also fuel a rise in COVID cases”, Popular Science, January 4, 2021,https://www.popsci.com/story/health/housing-eviction-covid-19-pandemic-spread/)

Kat Eschner said: “Earlier this year, Popular Science reported that more than 20 million Americans potentially faced homelessness when the federally-imposed moratorium on evictions lifted in late September. Fortunately, that outcome has yet to happen, as the moratorium has been extended — at press time, until January 31, 2021. But thousands of evictions have still taken place this year, and the crisis that has kept people from paying rent still holds sway.”

Christopher Doughty wrote on January 6, 2021:Read More »


FACE OF AN ECONOMY: UK: Rent Debt Crisis: Rent or food: 840,000 Britons fall behind on rent since the pandemic began

A Journal of People report


According to a new report by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), an estimated 840,000 private tenants have built rent arrears since coronavirus-lockdown measures began in the UK, and the young people and the self-employed most likely to have missed payments. The NRLA has warned of a “rent debt crisis.”

The NRLA is renewing its call for an urgent financial package to help tenants pay off these debts.

The survey for the NRLA found 7% of renters had built up arrears because of the coronavirus pandemic, a figure that would equate to 840,000 people across England and Wales.Read More »


The Blockade against Cuba and Venezuela: If They Touch One, We all Respond

Gabriela Cultelli

RESUMEN | March 29, 2021

Photo: Redlad.org

March is the month of women, and the slogan “If they touch one, they touch us all” or “If they touch one, we all respond” as the song says, is more valid today than ever, it resounds everywhere.

The time has come to raise the voice for Cuban and Venezuelan women, because the economic blockade and the restrictive measures that the United States is carrying out against these sisters is a particularly aggressive form of gender violence, fundamentally affecting the most vulnerable populations, and therefore women, girls, young women, adults, workers of yesterday, today, tomorrow, at home, in the factory, in the countryside and intellectuals; all of them.Read More »


Another weapon in the cultural war against Cuba

Raúl Antonio Capote

Granma | April 01, 2021

Photo: El País

Most of the CIA’s covert operations in Latin America during the 1960s were directed against the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro. “No more Cubas”, was the agency’s slogan at the time.

The Agency created a division in New York City, called Foreign Publications Inc. (Foreign Publications Incorporated), to subsidize various anti-Cuban publications, many coming from Miami. The United States Information Agency (USIA) was also used for this purpose.Read More »


Cuba and Russia reiterate mutual interest in cooperation

Milagros Pichardo Pérez

Granma | April 01, 2021

Co-presidents of the Commission, Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Yuri Borisov, Vice President of the Russian Federation. Photo: José Manuel Correa

The need to globalize solidarity and international cooperation were emphasized yesterday, during the 18th meeting of the Cuba-Russia Intergovernmental Commission for economic-commercial and scientific-technical collaboration, which concludes today, and is headed by co-chairs Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, deputy prime minister of the Republic of Cuba, and Yuri Ivanovich Borisov, vice president of the Russian Federation’s government.Read More »


Russian Deputy PM Borisov in Venezuela: Strategic Alliance Strengthens

Orinoco Tribune | March 30, 2021

President Maduro met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov and signed 12 cooperation agreements. Photo by Prensa Presidencial.

This Tuesday, March 30, the Vice President of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, paid a high-level visit to Venezuela to strengthen the ties of friendship between the two nations. Russia’s high-ranking official highlighted cooperation and solidarity as vital.

In addition, new agreements were signed to accelerate the bilateral agenda for mutual benefit. “We have taken the opportunity to sign new alliances in energy, mining, and health sectors for the development of both economies,” said Borisov.Read More »


Venezuela became a central objective of the US strategy

The Foreign Minister of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza said categorically that Venezuela has become the central objective of the strategy of the United States (USA) and its allies, for not acceding to their interests and consolidating the fight in defense of our sovereignty and independence, “because for years the governments were subservient to those interests and allowed the looting of great resources, which changed with the triumph of the Revolution.”Read More »


Tipping points confirmed for massive Antarctic glacier

A small rise in ocean temperature may trigger catastrophic collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Climate and Capitalism | April 02, 2021

In 2013, a 270 square mile iceberg broke off the Pine Island Glacier.

(Adapted from material provided by Northumbria University.)

Researchers have confirmed for the first time that Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica could cross tipping points, leading to a rapid and irreversible retreat which would have significant consequences for global sea level.Read More »


US steelworkers go on strike over unfair wages and work contract

Peoples Dispatch | March 31, 2021

Striking workers locked out of Allegheny Technologies hold a picket at one of the factories on Tuesday, March 30. Photo: United Steelworkers via Twitter

Steelworkers at one of the United States’ largest specialty steel mills have gone on an indefinite strike after failing to arrive at a fair work contract with the company. More than 1,300 workers at nine plants of Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) across five States started striking on Monday, March 29, rejecting last-minute offers from the company and began their picket of the company on Tuesday, March 30.

Workers organized by United Steelworkers (USW) have been in negotiations with the company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a fair four-year work contract since January this year. The main point of contention has been the rate of wage hike. Workers at ATI have not received any raise since 2014 and have also accused the company of not coming to the negotiating table in good faith.Read More »


Counting underway for historic union vote at Alabama’s Amazon unit

Anish R M

People’s Dispatch | March 31, 2021

Locals and residents of Bessemer came out in support of the unionization drive by Amazon workers on March 20. Photo: Liberation

After more than seven weeks of ballot submissions, the workers at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse in Alabama submitted their final votes on Monday, March 29, to decide whether or not they want a union. On Tuesday, March 30, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) began the count of over 5,800 ballots, the results of which could take the next couple of days to be released.

The unionization drive has grabbed national limelight over the past two months, not only because of the historical nature of the vote and the impact it could have on union organizing across the country, but also because it revealed the abysmal work culture at one of the United States’ largest employers. At the same time, the campaign unlike previous campaigns for unionizing Amazon workers managed to attract nationwide solidarity and support.Read More »