Some 15 U.S. Cities Request Cuban Healthcare Collaboration

Raúl Antonio Capote

Granma | February 05, 2021

Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

The absurd inclusion of Cuba in the U.S. State Department list of countries it considers to be sponsors of terrorism, a unilateral decision by former President Donald Trump, has generated condemnations from many countries, organizations and personalities around the world, including the U.S.

The Seattle City Council (Washington state) requested that President Joe Biden reverse the inclusion of Cuba on the spurious list. The resolution, signed by Seattle City Clerk Monica Martinez Simmons, also calls for initiating collaboration with the island in the area of health.Read More »


Venezuela Has Received More Than 200 Offers of Foreign Investment

Aurig Hernandez

UltimasNoticias | February 01, 2021

The president visited the Cuartel de la Montaña

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Venezuela: DGCIM Neutralizes Operation Red October, a Terrorist Plan Directed by Guaidó Colombian narco-paramilitary gang Los Rastrojos was allegedly involved in the dismantled Operation Red October (Photo: Archive).

During a press conference, the deputy to the National Assembly (AN) and protector of Táchira state, Freddy Bernal, reported on the results of an investigation by the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), in Caracas, on the so-called Operation Red October.

This operation aimed at assassinating several civilians and military personnel, in addition to causing damage to military infrastructures, was led by the former anti-Chavez deputy Juan Guaidó.Read More »


Delcy Rodríguez: Despite the Pandemic, Food Distribution Increased

Revolución Alimentaria | February 03, 2021

The Executive Vice President of the Republic announced on Tuesday that during 2020 the country increased the distribution of food for the country, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, increased the distribution of gasoline to 11 million, and increased the system of missions 517 million bonds that benefited 14 million people.

In accordance with article 244 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, accompanied by the 33 ministers of the country, attended this Tuesday the National Assembly / AN), in order to provide the Report and Account of its management during 2020.Read More »


Intensive Fishing and the Birth of Capitalism

Ian Angus

Climate and Capitalism | February 03, 2021

Fishing is as old as humanity itself.[1] Indeed, it is older — paleontologists have found evidence that our ancestors Homo habilis and Homo erectus caught lake and river fish in east Africa a million years ago. Large shell deposits show that our Neanderthal cousins in what is now Portugal were eating shellfish over one hundred thousand years ago, as were Homo sapiens in South Africa. Island people have been fishing in the southwestern Pacific for at least thirty-five millennia.Read More »


Is “The Internet Computer” A True Alternative to The Proto-Fascist Big Tech Monopoly Possible?

Annotated by Patrice Greanville

The world’s [genuine] left is one breath away from being censored out of existence by Big Tech. It is therefore urgent to find powerful alternative mass communications platforms immune to persecution by the reigning oligarchy.  Will “The Internet Computer” fill that mission?

For a long time now I’ve been increasingly concerned about the monopolisation of the Internet’s biggest and most useful services —from search engines to mass communications platforms (social media), the new global “public squares”. In 2021, congruent with the arrival of the Joe Biden coalition to the White House we see that the US government, always powerfully infiltrated and influenced by plutocrats, is now clearly entering a dangerous phase of tight integration with Big Tech, creating the conditions for a de facto “friendly fascist” regime. The first symptom of this new era is the rapidly spreading “paternalistic” censorship of anyone or anything contravening the official narrative promulgated by the state-certified media and political mouthpieces. The denial of access to all dissident opinion to the mass mind, historically controlled by the corporate legacy media, and now by a continuum that spans the legacy media and the digital app platforms everyone uses— Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on—is making the task of building democracy impossible. I say “building democracy” and not “rebuilding democracy” because I believe the US never had a true democracy in place, not even under FDR, only various forms of plutocratic power garbed in the rituals of democracy, the whole show expertly wrapped in the best propaganda that money can buy.Read More »


Where Does The Sudanese Revolution Stand Today?

Peoples Dispatch | February 03, 2021

Dr. Fathi Elfad of the Sudanese Communist Party talks about the current stage of the Sudanese Revolution and its betrayal by certain sections of the erstwhile opposition. In the first part of an interview with Peoples Dispatch, he explains the chronology of the coming together of the opposition, certain compromises and deals made by some sections and what the upcoming cabinet reshuffle and formation of the legislative council imply.

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Dirty Campaign Intensifies Against Progressive Candidate Andrés Arauz

Several members of the progressive Union for Hope (UNES) alliance, including its presidential candidate Andrés Arauz, former president Rafael Correa, among others, are denouncing that plans to suspend the February 7 general elections are underway in Ecuador

Tanya Wadhwa

Peoples Dispatch | February 04, 2021

Progressive candidate Andrés Arauz has received a series of attacks in the days leading up the the elections. Photo: Twitter Arauz

On February 2, former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa warned about a new attempt to suspend the upcoming general elections in the country. The former head of state indicated that the possibility of a clear and resounding first-round victory of the progressive Union for Hope (UNES) alliance ticket, with Andrés Arauz and Carlos Rabascall, worries the government and its allies. He stressed that they are “desperate” and are making every possible effort to disqualify the UNES presidential ticket and eliminate progressivism from the electoral race.

“New attempt to suspend the elections! They know that they will lose in the first round and they are desperate. Now they will attempt to do it through the Electoral Dispute Tribunal (TCE), a complaint received yesterday by judge Ángel Torres (the WORST!) Álvaro Noboa already announced this morning that the elections would be postponed for 2 months UNACCEPTABLE!,” denounced Correa in a tweet.Read More »


The Revolutionary Karl Kautsky with Ben Lewis

Cosmonaut | January 31, 2021

Parker and Alex have a conversation with the editor and translator of Karl Kautsky on Democracy and Republicanism  (Haymarket, 2020) on the legacy of Karl Kautsky before he turned renegade. They discuss the convergence of various conflicting political views, from ‘Leninists’ to Social Democrats and Cold War Warriors, into what Ben Lewis calls in his book a “peculiar consensus” that fundamentally misrepresents the historical figure of Kautsky. More »


English Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: A Distinctive Politics?

Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2020. 280 pp., £25.00 pb
ISBN 9781526154965

Reviewed by Tom Steele

Marx and Philosophy Review of Books | January 29, 2021

Is it possible to identify a distinctive politics of ‘English’ radicalism in the twentieth century? In this engaging new book by Richard Taylor, the dominant themes of this radicalism are, on the side of the individual citizen, freedom of thought, speech, assembly and personal lifestyle and on the social plane, political and economic equality. These values have been buttressed by a belief in the agency, if not always goodness, of the ‘common people’ and the commitment to creating and developing an informed participative and tolerant democracy. Complementary to this project is that of creating a mass popular but critical education for a politically involved and literate society.

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