The editors of Journal of People express deep sorrow at the untimely demise of Andre Vltchek and pay respect to his memory. Andre Vltchek was a true revolutionary and internationalist who was a friend of the masses struggling against imperialism. In his remembrance, we have re-published two of his recent articles, an interview and other articles written in his remembrance. We believe his ideals, morals and words will continue to inspire all those engaged in the fight for a just and equal world. 

Salute Comrade! 


André Vltchek – Remembered

Peter Koenig

Countercurrents | September 23, 2020

André, my good friend and comrade is no more.

We worked on several investigative projects together. André’s professional rigor, sharpness of understanding, vision and ability to connecting the dots is exemplary.

We shared some unforgettable moments, when we followed a refugee trail from Bodrum, Turkey, to the Greek Island of Kos in the Aegean Sea – onwards to Athens.Read More »


Andre, friend

Farooque Chowdhury

Countercurrents | September 23, 2020

Andre, your last moments in Karaköy, İstanbul are yet unknown. But, we know you with your actions and stand – anti-imperialist.

Andre Vltchek, (1962 – September 22, 2020), a fighter, was always on the move. He was moving from South Africa to Indonesia, East Timor to Bosnia, Congo to Mexico, Sri Lanka to Peru, Syria to Hong Kong, and many such areas of conflict arising out of plunder, imperialist intervention, rights denied to people, exploiters robbing people and nature. His moves were a spirit of struggle. Always Andre was at the front line. It was a stubborn stand against imperialism. That’s Andre’s identity.Read More »


How I Became A Revolutionary And Internationalist: Andre Vltchek

Binu Mathew, Editor of interviews Andre Vltchek

Countercurrents | December 04, 2018

Why should Iran be cherished and defended? - Tehran Times

how you came to be who you are? Can you tell us about your formative years?

AV: Formative years… There were many of them, and actually, I feel that I am still evolving, until now. People always do, I believe and hope.

I was born in the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, in an unbelievably beautiful city of Leningrad, built by insane Peter the Great and by a few no less insane Italian and French architects, on the shores of wide and powerful river Neva, right near the mosquito-infested swamps.Read More »