July 26 in Cuba’s soul


Granma | July 10, 2020

Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

The pandemic may prevent us from physically attending the essential encounters Cubans have every July 26 with the memory of our historical generation. There is no virus or adverse situation that can diminish the significance of the step they took in 1953, when a handful of young rebels, led by Fidel, “conquered” for eternity the yearnings of a people.

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Cuba helping the world fight COVID-19, despite U.S. government’s retaliation efforts

by Orlando Oramas León

People’s World | July 08, 2020

Cuba helping the world fight COVID-19, despite U.S. government’s retaliation efforts
Cuban doctors file out during a farewell ceremony as they get ready to leave for Italy to help with the coronavirus pandemic, in Havana, Cuba, April 12, 2020. | Ismael Francisco / AP

HAVANA—While the United States tries to disqualify Cuba’s international medical cooperation, the list of brigades sent by the island to fight COVID-19 in different latitudes of the planet grows.

They are the members of the Henry Reeve Contingent, created in 2005 by Fidel Castro to face situations of serious epidemics and natural disasters. It is a legacy of the traditional practice of solidarity within the Cuban Revolution, which has never hesitated to come to the aid of other peoples suffering from earthquakes, floods, and other calamities, such as the recent battles against dengue and Ebola in three West African countries.

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The Tremendous But ‘Secret’ Success Of Socialist Vietnam


Countercurrents | July 10, 2020

Some twenty years ago, when I moved to Hanoi, the city was bleak, grey, covered by smog. The war had ended, but terrible scars remained.

I brought my 4WD from Chile, and insisted on driving it myself. It was one of the first SUVs in the city. Each time I drove it, it was hit by scooters, which flew like projectiles all over the wide avenues of the capital.

Hanoi was beautiful, melancholic, but clearly marked by war. There were stories, terrible stories of the past. In “my days”, Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in Asia.Read More »

COVID-19 costs global economy 400 million full-time jobs, says ILO

A Journal of People report

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Image Source: Pixabay

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking toll from the working classes. Latest data show the fact – the working people are the worst sufferers.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) forecasts: Global working hours shall plummet by 14 percent in the second quarter of 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

The ILO in an earlier projection said: A 10.7 percent fall in working hours, or 305 million job losses, for the period.Read More »

USA: As coronavirus rages official jobless numbers near 33 million

by Mark Gruenberg

People’s World | July 09, 2020

As coronavirus rages official jobless numbers near 33 million
A health care worker works at a COVID-19 testing site sponsored by Community Heath of South Florida at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Clinica Campesina Health Center, during the coronavirus pandemic, July 6 in Homestead, Fla. Both the pandemic and the jobless rate in America are spiraling out of control. Lynne Sladky | AP

WASHINGTON—The official number of unemployed people neared 33 million in the week ending in the real Independence Day, July 4, as 1,399,699 million more jobless workers sought state benefits and 850,461 asked for federal-only $600 weekly jobless checks.

And in the week ending June 20, one of every four Puerto Ricans was jobless, as were 21% of Nevadans and Hawaiians. Six other states, plus the Virgin Islands had jobless rates above 15%, BLS said. The state-by-state jobless rates lag two weeks behind the numbers of people seeking unemployment aid.

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VenezolanosConBiden and MAGAzuela: Two sides of the same coin

by Leonardo Flores

A January 2015 meeting between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Vice President Biden – unlikely to be repeated if Biden wins the presidency. Photo: AP

The Biden campaign held an online event on Wednesday, July 8 pitched as the former Vice President’s “vision for Venezuela and Venezuelans in the US” Spoiler alert: his vision for Venezuela barely differs from President Trump. This event, which didn’t merit an appearance from Biden himself, was aimed at getting Venezuelan-Americans to volunteer for “Uncle Joe”, as Representative Darren Soto (D-Fl) called him. It was an hour and a half of shilling for votes and influence, and it demonstrated that when it comes to Venezuela, policies of regime change, sanctions and a refusal to engage in dialogue unite VenezolanosConBiden (the group hosting the event) with MAGAzuela (the term for Trump-supporting Venezuelans).

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Turn Guaido and grab gold


Countercurrents | July 03, 2020

Now a days, anyone can take away anyone’s gold. It just needs turning Guaido, and master’s backing. Master’s law is there to help Guaido turn a gold grabber. The United Kingdom’s English High Court (EHC) has ruled that Juan Guaido is Venezuela’s legitimate president.  According to the EHC, Nicolas Maduro is not the country’s president.

The discovery of a self-proclaimed president without constitutional backing has been made through a legal battle in the EHC. The legal battle was for gold bullion worth $1 billion owned by the people of Venezuela.

The Bank of England (BOE) holds about $2 billion of Venezuela’s gold for safekeeping.Read More »

Facebook: “serious setbacks for civil rights”

by Terry Everton

The Verge reports:

A team of civil rights auditors has delivered a scathing and unexpected indictment of Facebook’s recent moderation choices after a two-year examination of the platform’s practices and internal policies.

“While the audit process has been meaningful and has led to some significant improvements in the platform,” the report reads, “we have also watched the company make painful decisions over the last nine months with real world consequences that are serious setbacks for civil rights.”

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Concert for Cuba: A star studded extravaganza July 18 & 19

People’s World | July 07, 2020

Concert for Cuba: A star studded extravaganza July 18 & 19
Alexander Abreu, Cuban trumpet player, songwriter and singer. Abreu and the Timba Allstars will be performing at the Concert for Cuba. Photo courtesy HotHouse

On Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19, these renowned and marquee virtuoso performers from the heralded Afro-Cuban music tradition will join with musicians and presenters from Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Spain, and other European countries in “A Concert for Cuba.”

Although it is one of the hemisphere’s smallest nations, with its resources constrained by continued U.S. policies, Cuba has played an outsized role during the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing medical advances, and sending medical teams to more than two dozen nations across the globe. In recognition of these profound contributions, many of the island nation’s legendary musicians joined by a score of international stars will hold a two-night celebration of the Island and the music it has given the world, streaming live via the Twitch.tv/HotHouseGlobal channel.

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Bolivian activist warns polls showing Morales’s MAS in the lead could intensify persecution of his supporters

by Ben Chacko

Morning Star | July 08, 2020