The US warned Iraq: Access to an account holding billions would be in jeopardy if Iraq expelled U.S. troops

A Journal of People report

The United States government flexed its muscles to Iraq over Iraq’s threats to oust some 5,300 US troops from the country.

The U.S. State Department warned that if its troops were expelled, the U.S. could cut off access to a key Iraqi bank account held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that holds billions in oil revenues, Iraqi officials told The Wall Street Journal.

Shutting off the spigot to Iraq could squeeze the country’s access to cash, gumming up its financial system and wreaking havoc on its economy.

The warning to Iraq was the latest in the fallout from the US missile strike on Iraqi soil last week that killed a top Iranian general.Read More »


Multiple eco-crises could trigger systemic collapse, warn scientists

Overlapping environmental crises could tip the planet into “global systemic collapse,” more than 200 top scientists warned recently.

Climate change, extreme weather events from hurricanes to heatwaves, the decline of life-sustaining ecosystems, food security and dwindling stores of fresh water – each poses a monumental challenge to humanity in the 21st century.Read More »