Lula Calls on Brazilians to Fight to Regain Nation’s Democracy

teleSUR | January 26, 2019

Lula de Silva, then President of Brazil, delivers speech in front of large crowd in Brasilia.
Lula de Silva, then President of Brazil, delivers speech in front of large crowd in Brasilia. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lula said the Brazilian President and his regime have suffered a major political setback when he regained freedom.

The former president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, said that we must continue to fight to regain democracy in his country and warned that political infighting is coming against the “fascist right.”

During an interview for the Argentine media Page 12, Lula criticized the judicial process against him that was promoted by the prosecutor of the Lavo Jato case, Sergio Moro.

The former president called the Minister of Justice Moro “a liar” and challenged him to show some evidence against him.

Lula said that President Bolsonaro and Moro suffered a political setback when he regained freedom and does not rule out being imprisoned again using some legal pretext.

The former president said that at the beginning of March, he is preparing to tour the country, campaigning for the municipal elections in October.

On the victory of Albert Fernández in Argentina, the former president said that he hopes that Brazil can resume the path of democracy, the taste for freedom and for social inclusion.

“I think Fernández knows perfectly well that there is no alternative but to put a stop to what Macri did, the IMF’s dependence was never good for any country in Latin America. It is necessary to rebuild the Argentine economy from growth, from policies of income transfer, of the inclusion of the poorest, when the poorest participate in the economy, it moves, generates more employment and income,” Lula said.

Lastly, Lula said that “for me to be a candidate, there would have to be an irreversible situation, to prove that I am the only person capable of winning, capable of defeating the right, but we will work to find people younger than me and with more physical vigor to make Brazil better.”



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