Educate and orient the revolutionary masses, an undeniable privilege of our Party


Granma | October 03, 2019

Fidel reads Che’s farewell letter, during the presentation of the Communist Party of Cuba’s first Central Committee and the establishment of the newspaper Granma. Photo: Granma Archives

The entire country has received with joy and enthusiasm the news of the constitution of our Central Committee. The names of the compañeros who will serve on this Committee, as well as their histories, are well known. … We have attempted to choose those who in our opinion represent, in the most thorough way, the history of our Revolution…

There is no heroic episode in the history of our country in recent years that is not represented here; there is no sacrifice, there is no battle, there is no feat – be it military as civilian, heroic or creative – that is not represented. There is no revolutionary or social sector that is not represented. I am not referring to organizations. When I say sector, I’m talking about workers, I’m talking about young people, I’m talking about campesinos, I’m talking about our mass organizations…

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Cuban and Russian leaders discuss cooperation and remember past

A Journal of People report

Raúl and Medvedev in Havana, photo: Estudio Revolución

After talks with Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, the Russian prime minister Dimitri Anatolievich Medvedev was asked by Rossiya 1 channel about speculations that he and Raul discussed establishing a permanent military foothold in the Caribbean, just 180 km from the U.S. shores, Medvedev was brief.

Setting up a Russian military base in Cuba was not discussed with Raul Castro, said Medvedev. Read More »

Thousands march in Edinburgh in support of Scottish independence

A Journal of People report

Thousands of people have attended a pro-Scottish independence march through the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday as organizers insist momentum is growing in the face of a possible no-deal Brexit.

Groups and organizations that support separation from the UK joined the All Under One Banner (AUOB) procession on Saturday in the final event of the year, following marches in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Perth over the summer.Read More »

Selected Stories about Venezuela’s Economy

by Pasqualina Curcio Curcio

RESUMEN | September 30, 2019

Venezuela does not produce anything. Only petroleum. Venezuelans are swimming in black gold. We live off of oil revenues. We do not even produce the food we eat. We import it.

In between half-truths and half-lies, these are the most widely spread stories about us. Then follows the old story that becomes a trend every once in a while, that started decades ago: “substituting imports,” also known as “towards overcoming the oil rentier model.”

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The Real Venezuela: Dignified, Indivisible and Truthful

by Nino Pagliccia

ONEWORLD | October 05, 2019

The Real Venezuela: Dignified, Indivisible and Truthful
As Rodriguez said, Venezuela is “dignified and indivisible.” We believe that what distinguishes the real Venezuela from its imaginary illusion created by the US are precisely those qualities in addition to being truthful.

All those wondering who is in charge in Venezuela, should stop reading the biased and confusing corporate media and should look at who represents the country at the United Nations. The UN is not a perfect institution but it is one that is clear on the issue of membership despite powerful attempts at obfuscating that clarity.

Much media effort has been put in creating the illusion that the legitimate Venezuela is the one “ruled” by a self-appointed (read, unelected) interim (read, for an undefined term) president that presides with no army, no cabinet, no judicial and no recognized congress. His name is hardly recognized in Venezuela were it not for the unrelenting promotion by his major supporter, the United States government.Read More »

Why do progressive Democrats slander Venezuela?

by Leon Koufax

STRUGGLE LA LUCHA | October 03, 2019

On Sept. 12, ABC TV broadcast the third Democratic Party presidential primary debate. It showcased 10 candidates who answered questions on a variety of policy issues, including health care, immigration, gun violence and foreign policy.

As the primary season ahead of the 2020 election cycle has heated up, two camps have developed in the Democratic field. These are in some ways a reflection of the divide between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary campaign.Read More »