Fidel, the most visionary Cuban of the 20th century


Granma | August 13, 2019

Photo: Yousuf Karsh/Camera Press 

Fidel’s authority and his close relationship with the people were key to the country’s heroic resistance during the dramatic years of the Special Period…

At that time few in the world would have bet on our ability to resist and overcome in the face of adversity and the intensification of the enemy blockade. Our people, however, under the leadership of Fidel, provided an unforgettable lesson in resolve and loyalty to the principles of the Revolution.


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Fidel faces the empire: Plan against Plan


Granma | August 14, 2019

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, at the commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons. Photo: Jorge Luis González

The profound point of view that characterized the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s analysis of the United States was noted by Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Gabriel García Márquez, when he stated: “The country about which he knows the most, besides Cuba, is the United States. He understands in depth the nature of its people, its power structures, the ulterior motives of its governments, and this has helped him deal with the never-ending storm of the blockade.” This is part of the answer to a frequent question asked by millions of people about how Fidel was able to resist and overcome the aggressive policies of more than ten U.S. administrations.

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The world’s 25 wealthiest families control $1.4 trillion and gets $4 million richer every hour

A Journal of People report

How much wealthy the world’s richest families are? How much wealth they control? How much do they gain every hour? The questions sometimes peek into circles of the poor people, the poor peasants, the working classes, the people that create the wealth gripped by the rich.

Any toiler can question:

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Trump’s Trade War Could Make the Trump Recession a Reality


The New Yorker | August 14, 2019

The longer the President persists in his trade war with China, the greater the chances are of an outright slump developing in the U.S. economy.
Photograph by Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty

Economic forecasting is a bit of a mug’s game. Mature capitalist economies tend to plod along, growing at modest rates, until they don’t. Despite extensive efforts, nobody has discovered a reliable way to predict when that moment will arrive and, subsequently, a recession will begin. Sometimes there are warning signs, such as asset-market bubbles developing, inflation picking up, the Fed raising interest rates, and trade deficits soaring. But, even if some of these signs are flashing amber, as they were in the late nineteen-nineties and the period between 2005 and 2007, it’s hard to know when they are going to turn red. The lesson of recent U.S. history is that expansions tend to last longer than many people expect.

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Ian Angus on the politics of ecosocialism


Rebel News | August 9, 2019

Ian Angus on the Politics of Ecosocialism

Rebel interviews Ian Angus — editor of the journal Climate & Capitalism, and author of Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth, and A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism — about the pressing need to develop the politics of ecosocialism in the world today.

The term ecosocialism is in wide spread use now. Do you think it’s important that revolutionary socialists identify themselves as ecosocialists and what do you believe is the chief difference between ecosocialism and previous radical left traditions?

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US: Already Interfering in Upcoming Venezuelan Elections

 teleSUR | August 15, 2019

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro takes part in a rally against the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, in Caracas Venezuela, August 10, 2019.
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro takes part in a rally against the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, in Caracas Venezuela, August 10, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

“Donald Trump says that he is considering imposing an embargo on Venezuela meaning that no vessel enters or exits. It is a blockade,” the Venezuelan president said.

United States President Donald Trump has maintained strong economic pressure against Venezuela, having signed numerous decrees blocking the assets of the Venezuelan authorities within U.S. jurisdiction. Giants such as the Central Bank of Venezuela and the state-owned oil company PDVSA were also included in the sanctions list.

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“Proletarian billionaire” act wears thin: Trump’s war on workers

by Joe Sims

People’s World | August 16, 2019

“Proletarian billionaire” act wears thin: Trump’s war on workers
When campaigning, President Donald Trump disguises himself as a champion of the American worker, but his administration has pursued an anti-worker agenda since its first day. | Evan Vucci / AP

The U.S. working class has received special attention from the Trump campaign’s first days; since his election, it has been singled out for special assault.

“America First” was portrayed as making working-class America first; “Make America Great Again” meant reawakening the greatness of the American working class.

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Elections in Argentina, first impressions of a great victory that give hope to the whole region

by Manuel Bertoldi

People’s World | August 16, 2019

Protesters mobilize against the government of Mauricio Macri on Wednsday August 16. Photo: Resumen Latinoamericano

On August 11, the primary elections or the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (PASO) were held in Argentina, in which all parties introduced their potential candidates who are going to run in the general elections in October. These potential candidates are chosen internally within the parties and then in the primary elections where they have to obtain at least 1.5% of the votes in order to be final candidates. These elections serve as an accurate survey, weeks before the final election.

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