What will socialism look like?

by Sarah Granham

Red Flag | April 23, 2019

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Manifesto of the Paris Commune

Written: April 19, 1871

Source: Paris Libre, April 21, 1871

Translated: for marxists.org by Mitch Abidor

Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2005

To the French people:

In the painful and terrible conflict that again threatens Paris with the horrors of a siege and bombardment; that causes French blood to flow, sparing neither our brothers, our wives nor our children; crushed beneath cannonballs and rifle shot, it is necessary that public opinion not be divided, that the national conscience be troubled.Read More »

Marx and the Paris Commune

New Frame

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May 1871: The statue of Napoleon I was pulled down along with the Vendome Column on which it stood in a ceremony during the reign of the Paris Commune. Bearded painter Gustave Courbet is ninth from the right. (Photograph by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Paris Commune fell bloodily at the hands of French troops on 28 May 1871. A prototype social republic ushered in by the proletariat and citizens from other classes of the city, the Commune lasted 72 days, from its birth on 18 March until its brutal demise.

Two days after the Communards were massacred and captured, Karl Marx read The Civil War in France to the General Council of the First International (also known as the International Working Men’s Association). It was the last of Marx’s political pamphlets, supplemented later by Friedrich Engels for publication in 1891. Significantly, Marx accorded the Commune the status of the first historical occurrence – albeit brief – of effective government by the proletariat.Read More »

‘Enough with Threats, Ultimatums,’ Cuba Tells US

teleSUR | April 27, 2019

President Miguel Diaz-Canel has denounced the U.S. sanctions and aggression against Cuba.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel has denounced the U.S. sanctions and aggression against Cuba. | Photo: Reuters

The international community will never cave to the archaic strategies of the Cold War, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Twitter.

Cuba has had enough of U.S. threats and ultimatums, said President Miguel Diaz-Canel, denouncing 60-years-worth of northern power’s attempts to destabilize Cuba.

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U.S. imperialist domination in Latin America and Europe


 International 360 April 26, 2019

Hundreds join anti-NATO march through U.S. capital in revival of broad antiwar movement

The history of empires amply demonstrates that in their phase of decline they become more violent and bloodthirsty, and that their leaders tend to be coarser and more brutal. Not only their leaders, as Donald Trump clearly demonstrates. Also its environment of advisors reflects similar devolution, becoming something similar to what Harold Laski, referring to the leaders of European fascism, called “outlaw elites”.(2) One need not refer to the prophet Moses and the Tables of the Law to conclude that vicious characters such as John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Mike Pompeo, Juan Cruz, Marco Rubio and the director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, are a gang of thugs who, as a product of the accelerated moral and political decomposition of the empire, move through the offices of the White House when a maximum-security prison in the Nevada desert would be the appropriate place to pursue their interests. Not one statesman or intellectual among them is capable of offering a realistic and sophisticated view of contemporary reality. Not one of them would withstand ten minutes of debate with Vladimir Putin or Sergey Lavrov, or even with Xi Jiping, because they would be intellectually destroyed in a devastating way.Read More »