Sign the petition: No Military Force in Venezuela

ActionNetwork | April 18, 2019

President Trump has reportedly argued for military intervention in Venezuela since early 2017, while he and various other administration officials have repeatedly stated that “all options are on the table” for Venezuela.

Venezuela poses no threat to the U.S. Our forceful threats are absolutely unacceptable and only increase the immense political polarization in Venezuela.

We must call on members of Congress to firmly denounce these threats and make the adoption of the Prohibiting Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela Act a top priority.Read More »

“Imperialism Does Not Understand the Resistance of the Venezuelan People”

by Carlos Aznarez

RESUMEN| April 15, 2019

Each time that the imperial economic attack intensifies against Venezuela, many glances are directed, by way of consultation, towards the economist Pascualina Curcio, one of the best analysts of the situation in the Caribbean country. Pascualina has been providing propositive guidelines on how to confront opponents who want to destroy Bolivarian Venezuela by attacking the currency, causing shortages and monitoring, as is happening today, through a criminal blockade.

We spoke with Pascualina Curcio a few days ago in Mexico, where she was a part of the Venezuelan delegation to the International Seminar of the PT of that country.Read More »

Dispossessed workers, farmers, small producers still await their day of liberation: John Smith on imperialism

by | March 27, 2019

Today, it’s impossible to ignore the question of imperialism in any discussion concerning people as imperialism is distorting and destroying all aspects and areas of life. Ignoring the question of imperialism is synonymous to betrayal of people’s cause. John Smith, former oil rig worker, bus driver, telecommunications engineer, longtime activist in the anti-war and Latin American solidarity movements, and author of Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: Globalization, Super-Exploitation, and Capitalism’s Final Crisis (Monthly Review Press, January 2016), discusses the question of imperialism in the following interview taken by Farooque Chowdhury during July 2018-February 2019. The interview, in slightly abridged form, originally appeared on MR Online on March 19, 22, and 23, 2019.

The analyses, interpretations and observations made, the narratives presented, the terms used, and the way persons, politics, ideologies and trends characterized in the interview are completely of John Smith, and, those don’t always correspond to the interviewer’s opinion, interpretation, etc.

Following is the 1st part of the four-part interview.Read More »