New York Post Asks U.S. to Fund Mercenary Army in Venezuela

MissionOverDad | April 02, 2019

Rupert Murdoch es dueño de News Corporation, uno de los conglomerados mediáticos más grandes del mundo (Foto: Reuters)

In its March 30 editorial, the influential U.S. newspaper called on the United States to form a mercenary army to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.

The New York Post is part of the powerful company of magnate Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation, one of the leading media conglomerates in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Titling the editorial “Villainy in Venezuela,” the paper attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that “By sending troops to Venezuela to shore up dictator Nicolas Maduro, it crossed another line: the Monroe Doctrine, practically the oldest principle of U.S. foreign policy.” He also pointed out that this will make “not only President Trump, but also the United States look weak.”

To “resolve” this situation, in totally distorted argument, the paper proposes what the Venezuelan government has repeatedly denounced before international bodies after the failed assassination of August 4, 2018 and the paramilitary incursions from Colombia on February 23: “This strengthens the case for the approach suggested by veteran diplomat Roger Noriega, namely U.S. military support for a liberation force led by Venezuela loyal to interim president Juan Guaidó.”

Thus, the New York Post calls for the financing of a high-intensity irregular war in Venezuela, supporting the “approach” of criminal Roger Noriega, who was head of USAID during the Reagan administration, and was part of the political command that led the dirty war in Central America and the shipment of arms for the Nicaraguan Contra.

The piece by the paper is also a sign of the stress that exists in Washington caused by its inability to overthrow the Venezuelan government. But also, and perhaps most importantly, it is a symptom of how the Trump administration is testing the waters about the paramilitary option and how the Western oligarchy deploys its media instruments to justify it.

Translated by Francisco Dominguez.


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