Venezuela’s Electric Grid Was Attacked From Abroad: Russia

teleSUR | March 15, 2019

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a press conference in Moscow, Russia, March 15, 2018.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a press conference in Moscow, Russia, March 15, 2018. | Photo: EFE

Russia said it was ready to cooperate to investigate the blackout and help bring the sabotage plotters to justice.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Friday her country considers that Venezuela’s blackout was due to a cyber attack from abroad, the same version provided by the Venezuelan government for the massive loss of electric services across most of the country for five days.

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Assassination Attempt on President Maduro No Longer ‘Alleged’ for CNN

teleSUR | March 15, 2019

President Nicolas Maduro attends a gathering in support of his government in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 7, 2019.

President Nicolas Maduro attends a gathering in support of his government in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 7, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

The assassination attempt crew trained its drone flying maneuvres at a farm in Colombia.

Six months after the failed assassination attempt against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, CNN revealed Thursday unpublished images of how such attack was prepared on a Colombian farm, information which was provided by one of whom were involved in the attempted attack, a report that agrees with the government’s assertaions about the attack.

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Yellow Vest week in review: March 16 to be biggest march in months

by Ramin Mazaheri

As in all cases of great social turmoil and fermentation, popular art has blossomed. France has now many more political graffiti on her walls than before. This is decoration for the HQ of the Gilets Jaunes in Trelissac (in Dordogne, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine department). The Gilets have commandeered an abandoned supermarket. Trelissac is in Southwestern France, more than 500 km from Paris.

The fundamental problem with media coverage regarding the Yellow Vests is that it fails to see it as an already-permanent movement, or even a possibly-permanent one: each week must be either the biggest one yet, or the very last one.

The Yellow Vests see it similarly, but differently: for them each week is the very last one, too… because they will FINALLY storm Élysée Palace (Act 16: “Insurrection”, Act 17: “Decisive Act”, and now Act 18 on March 16: “Ultimatum”.)Read More »

Germany’s Über Hypocrisy over Venezuela

by Finian Cunningham

So Merkel is going along with Washington’s wicked coup on Venezuela. But why? Lots of secrets between mafia ruling classes, that’s for sure.

Germany has taken the lead among European Union member states to back Washington’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela. Berlin’s hypocrisy and double-think is quite astounding.

Only a few weeks ago, German politicians and media were up in arms protesting to the Trump administration for interfering in Berlin’s internal affairs. There were even outraged complaints that Washington was seeking “regime change” against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

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Journalism of the left in times of the right


Granma | March 13, 2019

Walter Martínez is one of those journalists who struggles everyday to spread the truth on his teleSUR program. Photo:
As children, one of the first things we learned was that there is strength in unity. Be it from “Once upon a time” tales or the stories of Mama Oca, we came to understand that all together we could move mountains, while alone, the road was steeper.Read More »

‘Don’t Be a Fossil Fool’: Hundreds Skip School to Protest Climate Change in Delhi


LiveWire | March 15, 2019

On Friday morning, more than 100 students from different parts of Delhi and Gurgaon donned their usual school uniforms.

But they didn’t go to school.

Instead, the students gathered at Delhi’s central park in Connaught Place to protest against the government’s inaction on climate change.Read More »

Iran appoints notorious executioner as next chief justice

by Steve Sweeney

Peoples’ World | March 14, 2019

Iran appoints notorious executioner as next chief justice

Demonstrators symbolically re-enact the execution of Iranian political prisoners in Iran during a rally outside the United Nations headquarters in New York on Sept. 20, 2016. | Mary Altaffer / AP

Iranian Communists warned yesterday that the appointment of a “notorious killer” as the head of the country’s judiciary is a clear indication of the regime’s plans to intensify oppression and repression.

Islamist cleric Ebrahim Raisi, who is seen by many as a successor to President Hassan Rouhani, was appointed as Chief Justice of Iran last week, a move condemned by the Tudeh Party of Iran.

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U.S: College admissions scam: Affirmative action for the rich and the famous

by Michelle Zacarias

Peoples’ World | March 14, 2019

College admissions scam: Affirmative action for the rich and the famous

A Stanford University student walks in front of Hoover Tower on the campus in Palo Alto, Calif. Federal authorities have charged college coaches, parents, and others in a sweeping admissions bribery case in federal court. | Paul Sakuma / AP

The Department of Justice arrested 50 affluent individuals Tuesday morning, in what is being called the “largest college admissions scam” ever prosecuted. Dozens of wealthy parents, including famous actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Full House) were charged in an alleged conspiracyto bribe, cheat, and deceive their children’s way into top colleges.

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‘Fight On’: Anti-socialist hysteria motivates conservative propaganda flick

by Michael Berkowitz

Peoples’ World | March 12, 2019

‘Fight On’: Anti-socialist hysteria motivates conservative propaganda flick

The socialist menace is everywhere you turn, at least according to the right-wing ideologues at CPAC. | Pierre wolfer via Flickr (CC)

Donald Trump has a movie he’d like you to see.  It’s called Fight On and is about the specter haunting America…socialism. Although too late for the Academy Awards, the right-wing Republicans unveiled this film hoping it will be a big winner for them in the coming national elections.

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