‘Hands Off Venezuela’ Protesters March on White House Saturday

teleSUR | March 12, 2019

An Answer coalition banner promoting march against U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

An Answer coalition banner promoting march against U.S. intervention in Venezuela. | Photo: National Coalition

Demonstrators are gearing up for major demonstrations in front of the White House in Washington March 16 to protest President Donald Trump’s violent attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

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“Lights Out!” Did Trump and His Neocons Recycle Bush-Era Plan to Knock Out Venezuela’s Power Grid?

by Whitney Webb

MintPress News | March 11, 2019

VenezuelanOutage-MintPress.jpg (1000×563)

Relatives of a patient walk in the darkened hall of a clinic with a candle lighting the way, during a power outage in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, March 7, 2019. (MintPress.com)

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Bezos v. Trump: 3 Major Divisions in the US Ruling Class

by Caleb Maupin

Jeff Bezos, considered to be the richest man on earth in terms of measurable wealth, and Donald Trump, arguably the most powerful man on earth as President of the United States, are figuratively at each other’s throats. US media is abuzz with talk of genital photographs, blackmail allegations, sexual misconduct, and media bias. However, those who look deeper may see bigger differences and hidden rivalries at stake. Two hostile camps have emerged within the circles of American power. Read More »

Truth heroes: Dispelling the daily media bullshit on Venezuela

by Max Blumenthal

CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, the NYTimes, the WaPo, the Wall Street Journal, the coterie of vassal media in subimperialist nations, fellow whore media like The Economist, the (UK) Guardian, and so on…and let’s not forget the deformations constantly introduced by supposedly comedy shows, like Bill Maher’s, which has gone full on zioimperialist, or Steven Colbert, always a dependable conduit for the Democrats’ lies du jour.  The list is indeed long of those engaged in disinforming the public 24/7, all of them existing and operating chiefly for the benefit of their masters, the 0.00001% that owns everything worth owning in this world, and which continues to accumulate wealth in horrific ways to the deathly detriment of at least 4/5 of humanity. The harm done by these sanctimonious media whores is incalculable. When humanity awakens, it will be a huge miscarriage of justice to simply forgive and forget what they did in these troubled times, how they abetted and helped to engineer the most heinous crimes of the empire. Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, whom we hanged at Nuremberg, was a piker when compared to these guys’ rap sheet.Read More »

Geostrategy After the Deadlock in US-North-Korean Relations

by Eric Zuesse

George Friedman, the head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor, issued a report on March 5th“After Hanoi: North Korea, the US and Japan”, and it said:

The strategy since World War II, built on the assumption that US conventional forces can defeat any foe and pacify the country, is being abandoned. And in the case of the Hanoi talks, the US is following a new strategy of diplomatic deadlock without recourse to the insertion of force.

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The Life of Labour: India’s Working Women; Workers at Statue of Unity Go on Strike

by Venkat T., Srividya Tadepalli & Thomas Manuel

The Wire | March 13, 2019

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Agricultural Crisis

Agrarian crisis spreads to non-farm rural economy

According to a new report, the rural non-farm wage rates have remained almost stagnant over the last four years of the NDA government. After adjusting for inflation, the real wage increase in the rural economy has been at 0.5% year on year since 2014, as against a robust 6.7% in between 2009 to 2013.

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‘Made in Heaven’: The Dark Story of India’s Elite, One Wedding at a Time

by Tanul Thakur

The Wire | March 04, 2019

The closest approximation of an outsider is an amphibian. She can live on land and in water – in essence, inhabit two different worlds – but there’s a small twist: humans prioritise homes, one set of people and surroundings always feel more natural. The trick then is to figure out the unfamiliar – understand its coded language, social customs, behavioural tics – because feeling left out is a sorry embarrassment, like lip synching a song in a party you have not heard before.

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Guns in U.S.: More the gun ownership more the mass shootings, finds study

A Journal of People report

States in the United States with higher gun ownership rates see higher rates of deaths from mass shootings, finds a new study published in a leading medical journal.

U.S. lawmakers called for more funding to study the effects of gun ownership on public health.

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