ILO to ruling class in Davos: Meet the needs of workers

by Mark Gruenberg

People’s World | January 25, 2019

ILO to ruling class in Davos: Meet the needs of workers

The ILO report does not set specific standards for specific countries, leaving it to movements like Fight for $15 (right) in the U.S. to battle for higher wages and allowing horrific conditions to persist in Bangladesh (left) where workers are fighting a government that, at the behest of multi-national corporations, is repressing workers and unions. | Mamunur Rashid (left) and Haley Nelson (right) / AP

GENEVA (PAI)—The International Labour Organization (ILO) is demanding the world’s governments enact and commit to new worker protections to meet the changing nature and demands of modern workplaces.

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George Fernandes: The Descent from Idealism to Vanity

by Abheek Barman

The Wire | January 30, 2019

George Fernandes: The Descent from Idealism to Vanity
George Fernandes. Credit: Reuters

George Fernandes died age 88, on January 29, of complications related to a virulent flu. A decade earlier, he had slipped below the radar of politics. Most Indians under 45 will respond with blank stares at the mention of his name. Few recall his ascent as a scruffy, scrappy anti-authority figurehead in the 1970s, and his later, loving embrace of the seductive charms of Delhi’s right-wing politics.Read More »