In Defense of Venezuela’s Sovereignty: Statements of Solidarity from the International Community


In Defense of Venezuela's Sovereignty: Statements Of Solidarity From The International Community
In Defense of Venezuela’s Sovereignty: Statements Of Solidarity From The International Community

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The views expressed in the following statements are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Venezuelanalysis editorial staff.

In Defense of Venezuela’s Sovereignty: Statements Of Solidarity From The International Community

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The decision by the Trump administration in the United States, followed by allied countries, to recognize the opposition leader and self-proclaimed “interim president” Juan Guaidó, has marked a dangerous escalation in international intervention and regime change policy which threatens the independence of Venezuela and self-determination of it’s people who elected Nicolás Maduro as their constitutional president on the 20th of May, 2018.  This attack on Venezuelan sovereignty has sparked outrage amongst many throughout the world.  Here we bring you some of the statements and expressions of solidarity that have been drafted by diverse organizations over the last few days.


January 24, 2019


We “MILITANTS” on the frontline of struggle and the maroon resistance of the XXI century, inform that since this Thursday, Venezuela has been in the CROSSROADS OF WAR DETERMINED BY TRANSNATIONAL INTERESTS, brought on by the resurgence of “IMPERIALISM” based on a rebirth of the Monroe doctrine, Neocolonialism and Neo-slavery in the region, closely linked to terrorism – racism – multiple forms of discrimination – using the proto-state, chaos and interference to create political impact opening grounds for foreign occupation in the Venezuelan territory.

We denounce before the international, national, regional and local community the self-appointment as Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez better known as “GUAIDÓ”, as an IMPERIALIST USURPER. This action lead by the National Assembly in contempt, violates the principles of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. After this unconstitutional self-proclamation, he was immediately recognized by the government of the United States of North America, the OAS Secretary General, and the Lima Cartel.

Likewise, we alert the international community to the new scenarios that loom over our country, where these anti-Venezuelan groups have been constituted with the task of overthrowing “THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION AND THE SOCIALIST MODEL OF THE 21ST CENTURY”.

DO THE NEW LEADERS OF IMPERIALISM AND ITS LACKEYS FORGET, that Venezuela is a Zone of Peace? One that promotes cooperative diplomacy and solidarity, protected by the legitimacy of organized popular power based on its own MAGNA CARTA (1999), which maintains political relations with non-aligned countries in the regional organizations CELAC, CARICOM and the AFRICAN UNION (AU) as well as the legitimate governments of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION – REPUBLIC OF CHINA – NICARAGUA – BOLIVIA – UNASUR – ARAB LEAGUE – REPUBLIC OF INDIA, as well as THE GLORIOUS VENEZUELAN PEOPLE AND THE ORGANIZATION FAAJLCH. We say, “we are still with the Constitutional President, Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela.”

The FAAJLCH, extends our moral and legitimate commitment through organized popular power. We take on the unavoidable task to fight against racism, as well as the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and the self-determination of the peoples who saw us BEING BORN – GROWING – CRYING – LAUGHING – CO-EXISTING AND LIVING IN DIVERSITY AND INTERCULTURAL UNITY. We declare that we will remain firm and patriotic before this national and international conjuncture, we will remain in the struggle and battle as Venezuelan maroons against any act of “BETRAYAL TO THE NATION – CONSPIRACIES AND THE PLOTS OF THE ELITES OF 2019” indoctrinated by the “IDEOLOGICAL WAR” that intends to confuse a sovereign, free, and revolutionary peoples. We are concerned about the people of the region that today suffer the persecution of a neocolonialist, fascist, racist regime imposing xenophobia and the new doctrine of foreign afrophobia that aims to bring humanity into social shock.

The FAAJLCH, reaffirms it’s anti-imperialist character and maintains the Socialist VISION as an alternative to the insatiable voracity of imperialism, which affects not only humanity, but also nature, leading the very planet and all forms of life towards collapse.

This being said WE, THE AFRODESCENDENTS SAY “Prepare yourself, Juan Gerardo, for we will sing to you as Simon Diaz said: GUAIDO – GUAIDO AND THE BURRA THAT YOU TUMBO.*






January 23, 2019

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba strongly condemns and rejects the attempt to impose, through a coup, a puppet government in the service of the United States in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and expresses its unwavering solidarity with the Government of the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The true objectives of the actions against Venezuela are to control the vast resources of that sister nation and destroy the value of its example, as an emancipatory process and as a defense of the dignity and independence of Our America.

As President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said: “The sovereignty of our peoples is resolved today in the attitude towards Venezuela. To support the legitimate right of the sister nation to define its destiny is to defend the dignity of all. ”

Other attempts should not be forgotten, such as the military coup of 2002 and the oil coup of 2003, the aggressive Executive Order of the United States that qualifies Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security and foreign policy” of the superpower, the unilateral coercive measures, the call to a military coup against the constitutional Government of Venezuela, the warning of the President of the United States to use “a possible military option” and the attempted assassination on August 4 against President Maduro.

The acts of a group of countries and the shameful role of the OAS constitute a new and desperate attempt to implement an unsuccessful policy of regime change, which has not been imposed due to the unwavering resistance of the Venezuelan people and their willingness to defend the National sovereignty.



“In favor of the democratic legitimacy of the Venezuelan government”

From Venezuela Aurrera, Basque space in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, in view of the difficult moments that the Latin American country is going through, we want to show that a clear imperialist strategy is being used with the objective of preparing the conditions for an intervention of the country. We think that it is essential to activate international solidarity and the defense of the democratic legitimacy of the National Constituent Assembly and, therefore, of the constitutional president-elect, Nicolás Maduro.

The coup opposition is activating all the resources at its disposal to create the conditions that justify this international action in Venezuela that dismisses the democratically elected President Nicolás Maduro and intends to recognize as a president-affinity or a so-called transition process-a figure that It responds to the interests of the oligarchy and has not been a democratic expression of the will of the Venezuelan people.

For all of this, from Venezuela, Aurrera, we mean the following:

1) We recognize the legitimacy of President Nicolás Maduro, the constituent process and the following presidential elections. They were processes with all the legal and political guarantees with total fit in the Constitution of Venezuela. The elections, with more than six million votes in favor of Nicolás Maduro, were carried out with all the electoral guarantees.

2) We totally reject and condemn all the imperialist strategy aimed at overthrowing Nicolás Maduro and ignoring the National Constituent Assembly, both products of the popular will. Behind all this imperialist strategy of economic, diplomatic and violent war is the desire of the oligarchy to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution, which has placed at the center of its political action the right to a dignified life worthy of the people of Venezuela, over and above interests of the bourgeoisie.

3) We state clearly that the problems of Venezuela have to be solved by the men and women of Venezuela, by the legal and democratic channels that the Venezuelan State has endowed. Any external interference that seeks the economic, political and social destabilization of the Latin American country is unacceptable. The United States and the European Union, as the leading exponents of international imperialism, must leave Venezuela alone and respect the decisions adopted by the people.


Statement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian People

Marcha Patriotica

January 24, 2019

Those of us who defend peace and real democracy, we will never be on the side of US power or governments obsequious to their imperialist actions, we do not accept the attempts of the coup d’état and we reject the cries of war expressed by the self-identified Lima Group and Trump against our sister Venezuela. To support an aggression against a Latin American peoples is a betrayal of Our America, it is contrary to the self-determination of the peoples and to the sovereignty that all nations hold, it is a cowardly precedent of denial to the popular will of the Venezuelan people who have been the leading actors of the independence struggle of our countries, with Bolívar at the forefront and one that supports mainly the government of President Nicolás Maduro. The people of Venezuela do not deserve such injustice, their decision to move towards a second and definitive independence of the colonial and imperial power, in a democratic and participative way, must be respected by all the world, if they want to lead the destiny of that nation, they should consult their own people.

Venezuela is not alone, the peoples of the world are with their courageous people, who have resisted with dignity the constant aggressions of imperialism and the continental right. A courageous people that has faced the economic, political, financial and media war, and has continued to build communal power that empowers the men and women who continue to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and its president, compañero Nicolás Maduro, who won the elections on May 20, 2018 with those of 6.3 million votes. The reality cannot be denied, even when the big information monopolies distort or conceal it, there is a majority support of the citizenship to the legitimate government, the judiciary, the National Constituent Assembly and the executive power. The majority of society defends the Bolivarian and Chavez ideals of social justice, independence and communal power, as they have done in more than 21 elections since that historic triumph in 1998.

This new coup attempt is organized with the recognition of a stranger to Venezuelan society, a usurper. Recognizing the non-elected Guaidó does not respect the Venezuelan constitution, nor does it respect any legality or norms of international law -which they claim so much. They continue to rehearse formulas to break the iron unity of society, the constituted institutions and the leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution regardless of the violence that may be unleashed in that peaceful society. They continue to use shameful institutions such as the OAS, and artificial organizations such as the Lima cartel to invoke the defense of human rights, rights that they are not willing to defend, and that do not matter in countries like Colombia where they have murdered more than 500 men and women leaders since the signing of the Peace Agreement with the FARC in 2016 with the most absolute impunity and without deserving a minimum pronouncement from the hypocrites and cynics who tear their clothes accusing the legitimate Government of Venezuela of dictatorship.

But they do not deceive us, we know that they do not care for the fate of Venezuelans, their interests are, on the one hand, in the need they have to control the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, required to satisfy the consumerist voracity of the great powers, and incidentally, punish the people who revived the flame of Latin American dignity and rebellion, which brought us back the dream of sovereign unity of the continent.

We have plenty of reasons to sustain solidarity with Venezuela, therefore, the Patriotic March of Colombia remains firm and unwavering in defense of the Venezuelan people and their legitimate government. In these times where fascism is advancing, we can not afford ambiguities and lukewarmness, or we are on the side of the people or we are on the side of the decadent empire and its servants.

We will continue to defend the Bolivarian Revolution to which we owe so much, because it is the very struggle for the second and definitive independence of Our America.

National Coordination

Patriotic March

ALBA-TCP Reiterates Support For The Presidency Of Nicolás Maduro

January 24, 2019

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade Treaty of the People (ALBA-TCP) reiterated today its support and recognition of President Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela.

In the same manner, the regional body rejects the attempted coup, alerted by the authorities of Caracas and promoted by the government of the United States and the national opposition.

In an official communiqué, it reaffirms the declaration of the XVI ALBA-TCP Summit held in Havana, in December 2018, where it recognizes Maduro as the legitimate leader. In the text, the entity denounces before the international community the pretensions of a group of countries to violate and destabilize the legitimate executive power of Venezuela through the unconstitutional support for a parallel government in the nation.

“Our countries only recognize as diplomatic representatives for Venezuela at the multilateral and bilateral levels that have been appointed by the Executive Power of Venezuela, which is headed by it’s President Nicolás Maduro,” the document reads.

Likewise, ALBA-TCP does not recognize the presence of any representation in multilateral organizations, as a result of the violation of the current legal regulations of the country whose government Guaidó is attempting to lead.

“The ALBA-TCP countries reiterate our position of recognition and full support for the Constitutional Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its authorities,” the note concludes.


January 24, 2019

We view with concern the on-going collaboration between the Guyana Defence Force and the United States Army Southern Command in the joint exercise called ‘Exercise New Horizon’.

Despite the subterfuge of training the Guyana Defence Force and assisting rural communities, we are of the view that the ultimate objective of ‘Exercise New Horizon’ is to prepare for a possible military intervention in the neighbouring country of Venezuela.

We reaffirm our call for the Caribbean region to be a zone of peace with respect for the sovereign rights of all peoples to choose their own path of self-determination.

We denounce the sanctions imposed by the United States of America and other countries against Venezuela which have created hardship and economic destabilisation, with even medicines being difficult to import. These sanctions amount to a crime against humanity.

As the Venezuelan Foreign Minister commented: “If in Venezuela we only had bananas, none of this intervention would be happening. But we have oil. We have gas. We have gold. We have silver. We have bauxite. We have iron. We have water. I mean, Venezuela is a very rich, wealthy nation. And that is why they want to rule the country again, as they did until 1998. They want to have control of the Venezuelan resources. And that is why they are so obsessed to overthrow Maduro, because they want to have these resources for the development of capitalism in the United States”.

If the United States of America were truly concerned with democracy, they would not have undermined the Cheddie Jagan democratically elected Government in Guyana in the early 1960’s and supported dictators such as Pinochet in Chile, Mobutu in the Congo, the Saudi Monarchy, Somoza in Nicaragua, and the Shah of Iran – just to name a few!

The far-right governments of Trump and Bolsonaro offer no hope to Venezuela or to the majority of people in Latin America. Whatever views people hold on Venezuela, there is no moral or legal justification for backing the United States attempt at regime change currently underway. Instead, the way forward is to support the call for internal political dialogue as recently made by the Mexican and Bolivian Presidents.

Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados)

24th January 2019

The Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados) stands in solidarity with the Government of President Nicolas Maduro, the People of Venezuela and we respect the rules of law in Venezuela. We are prepared to defend and continue our solidarity actionwith the Bolivarian Revolution in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The People of Venezuela voted for President Nicolas Maduro as President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in 2018. Our Solidarity Committee call on CARICOM and all Caribbean Governments to continue to respect the Presidential Election in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Our Solidarity Committee supports President Nicolas Maduro’s statement and call for all USA Envoys to leave the Bolivarian Republic after the statement by President Donald Trump which endorses the self appointed Mr. Juan Gauido as the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. President Trump action is disrespecting the rights of the Venezuelan People to elect a President to govern the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

This is an outrageous violation of international law and an unacceptable interference into the affairs of a sovereign nation.

The US has tried to oust the democratically elected government of Venezuela since 1999, and a brief April 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez had Washington fingerprints all over.

The Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados) will organise a Solidarity Rally next to the Simon Bolivar Monument, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at10:30 am. All progressive Barbadian People will be invited to this Solidarity Rally.

Statement on Developments in Venezuela by the Executive Committee of the Young Communist League 

24 January 2019
The Young Communist League of Britain expresses its complete support for and solidarity with the Venezuelan People, the Bolivarian Republic and President Maduro. We condemn categorically and in the strongest possible terms the unconstitutional and anti-democratic actions of the opposition and the United States which funds and controls them.

President Maduro was democratically elected by the People of Venezuela. This is a fact. There is no precedent in the Venezuelan constitution or in international law for the actions of Juan Guaido in unilaterally declaring himself President of Venezuela. The immediate recognition of this declaration by the US and its allies tells us who really coordinated this attack on democracy and who really controls Guaido and the so called opposition.

It clearly demonstrates the contempt with which imperialism views the will of the people, democracy and national sovereignty. To put this affront in perspective, it is the equivalent of John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, declaring himself ‘Interim Prime Minister’ in light of the chaos over the Brexit negotiations and then being recognised by various countries. The people of Britain would not stand for it. The people of Venezuela will not stand for it. The people of the World cannot sit idle.

We condemn the European Union and the governments which have joined the US in their attack on Venezuela. We call on the British Government to demand respect for democratic and international norms and to recognise the legitimate government of Venezuela.

This move is just the latest attack in the campaign by the United States and its regional puppets to smash democracy in Venezuela. The previous coup attempts and the current economic war attempting to strangle Venezuela were all planned and financed in Washington before being carried out by hired hands across Latin America. The United States refuses to tolerate a socialist government in what they believe to be “their own backyard”.

We express our solidarity with the comrades of our sister youth organisations, the Communist Youth of Venezuela and the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, who are at the forefront of defending democracy there.

Events in Venezuela must be a warning to the peoples of the World. Imperialism refuses to accept democracy and national sovereignty because this conflicts with the interest of big business and finance capital. It will set a truly dangerous precedent if we are prepared to accept figurehead puppets, imposed by Donald Trump, whose only claim to legitimacy is their own declaration. This cannot be allowed in Venezuela, or in any country.

No to US intervention! No to Trump! No to Guaido!

Peace! Democracy! Sovereignty!

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