Nine Richest Indians Now Own Wealth Equivalent to Bottom 50% of the Country

by Akhil Kumar

The Wire | January 21, 2019

Nine Richest Indians Now Own Wealth Equivalent to Bottom 50% of the Country
Credit: Atul Loke, Panos / Oxfam

New Delhi: “Rising wealth inequality threatens the social fabric of the nation,” says the Oxfam Inequality Report 2019, released on Monday.

The report details shocking levels of wealth inequality in the country, adding that wealth is being further concentrated in the hands of the richest while the poor are pushed deeper into deprivation. “High levels of wealth disparity subverts democracy,” the report says.Read More »

U.S: Union membership drops to 16.4 million in 2018

by Heidi Shierholz

Peoples World | January 18, 2019

The number of American workers represented by a labor union ticked down last year, extending a decades-long trend.

New data on union membership from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on Friday showed 16.38 million unionized workers in 2018, down from 16.44 million in 2017. However, because employment of wage and salary workers grew by 1.6 percent between 2017 and 2018, the share of workers represented by a union declined by a more significant amount, from 11.9 percent to 11.7 percent.

In the private sector, the number of workers represented by a union ticked up slightly (+18,000). But due to the 1.7 percent increase in employment in the private sector, the share of private sector workers represented by a union declined, from 7.3 percent to 7.2 percent.Read More »

BBC admits Abbott was treated unfairly on Question Time

by Phil Miller

Morning Star | January 20, 2019

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott

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Cold War Steve – A Brief History Of The World 1953-2019

by Len Phelan

Morning Star | January 20, 2019

Photo: McFadden’s Cold War

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UK: Foreign Office admits to destroying hundreds of files from the start of Tamil uprising in Sri Lanka

by Phil Miller

Morning Star | January 21, 2019

Enter a cForeign Office has been accused of ‘shredding history’aption

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Nightmares of Neoliberalism— Fear of popular rule animates our society and politics

by Jason Hirthler

The Clintons: way above the 1%, seriously. Their foundation one of the biggest scams in political history. (DonkeyHotey)

On a wintry Saturday in January a motley crew of disgruntled protestors took up a position in front of one of the many stark and faceless towers of Midtown Manhattan. The tower rose vertiginously in the bright afternoon sky, an anonymous vertical field of black glass gridded together by strips of steel. The rugged clan of antinomians assembled in the vast stone exterior of the building, a kind of public anteroom between the rabid streets and the polished marble foyer of the building. They lined posters against the plinths of abstract corporate art rising into the air above the courtyard. The poster board was scrawled with urgent slogans, all of them referencing the ninth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. In the decade since, an island already devastated by conventional colonialism was victimized by a new incarnation of exploitation, this one clad in humanitarian guise.Read More »

India: How Institutions are Trying to Make Us Forget Rohith Vemula

The Wire | January 19, 2019

It’s been three years since a Dalit student and PhD candidate at the University of Hyderabad committed suicide, but the wounds the incident brought to light are still being ignored by institutions across the country.

University campuses and cultural spaces keep refusing or backing out of events  meant to memorialise Vemula’s life and work. This year, communities across the country decided to mark the date of Vemula’s demise with a screening of the documentary We Have Not Come Here to Die. However, finding a venue proved to be difficult in some cases.Read More »