Corbyn to May: ‘Do the right thing and resign’

by Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | January 16, 2019

JEREMY CORBYN drove a stake into the heart of the “zombie” Tory government today, declaring that Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Frankenstein deal” was now “officially dead.”

He said the PM should do “the right thing” and resign after losing both “confidence and supply” in Parliament and let the people of Britain decide on the way ahead with a general election.

The Labour leader opened the debate on his motion of no confidence in the government by attacking Theresa May for presiding over “the largest defeat in the history of our democracy” last night when the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU was defeated by 230 votes.

Mr Corbyn said: “Last week they lost a vote on the Finance Bill — that’s what called supply. Yesterday they lost by the biggest margin ever, that’s what’s regarded as confidence.

“By any convention of this House, by any precedence, loss of both confidence and supply should mean they do the right thing and resign.”

Mr Corbyn said Ms May’s Brexit deal had been “decisively rejected,” but if Ms May was “so confident” of it: “She should have nothing to fear from going to the people and letting them decide.”

He added: “If a government cannot get its legislation through Parliament it must go to the country for a new mandate and that must apply when it is on the key issue of the day.”

“The Fixed Term Parliament Act was never intended to prop up a zombie government,” he said.

“And there can be no doubt that this is a zombie government.

“Defeated last night by the largest margin of any government ever.

“Within two years they have managed to turn a deal from what was supposed to be ‘one of the easiest in human history’ into a national embarrassment.”

He reeled-off Tory policies that have dire human consequences, including life expectancy now going backwards in the poorest parts of our country and stagnating overall.

“This is unprecedented. Another shameful first for this government,” he said.

A general election would give new impetus to deadlocked Brexit negotiations, Mr Corbyn added, and if Labour wins power it would tackle low pay and insecure work, the problematic universal credit scheme, poverty and homelessness, inadequate care for elderly people, and funding crises of councils, the NHS and education.

Having lambasted the “zombie government,” Mr Corbyn said Mrs May’s “Frankenstein deal” was now “officially dead.”

After Tory Brexiteer Mark Francois was admonished for “shrieking, yelling, bellowing” across the chamber, Mr Corbyn continued: “Who has confidence in this government’s ability to negotiate a future trade deal with the EU by December 2020 after the shambles we’ve all witnessed over the past two years?

“This Frankenstein deal is now officially dead and the Prime Minister is trying to blame absolutely everybody else.”

Ms May is expected to win the no-confidence vote, to be voted on after the Star went to press, but Labour will press on with demands for a general election as the solution to the Brexit impasse in the Commons.

MPs should keep all options on the table while ruling out a no-deal and Ms May’s catastrophically bad deal, Mr Corbyn said.


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