620 KM Long Women’s Wall of Kerala Challenges Brahmanical Patriarchy

| January 01, 2019

About 3-5 million women formed a wall across Kerala to protect to protect Kerala’s renaissance values and for women empowerment. About three million women stood shoulder to shoulder across Kerala and formed 620 KM “wall” from Thiruvananthapuram to the northern district of Kasaragod. They also pledged to protec the renaissance values of Kerala. The wall was organised against the backdrop of the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala temple entry of menstruating women.Read More »

India: In Photos | A 620-km-Long Women’s Wall for Gender Equality in Kerala

The Wire | January 02, 2018

In Photos | A 620-km-Long Women's Wall for Gender Equality in Kerala

In a first, over 35 lakh women stood shoulder-to-shoulder across national highways in Kerala, creating a 620 km-long human ‘wall’ from the northern end of Kasaragod to the southern tip in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday, as part of a state-sponsored initiative to uphold gender equality.

The event comes days after thousands of devotees lit ‘Ayyappa Jyothis’ and lined up from Hosangadi in Kasaragod to Kanyakumari, vowing to protect the ‘customs and traditions’ of Sabarimala.Read More »

UN Panel Details White Helmets’ Staged Chemical Attacks, Organ Thief; MSM Silent

by Eva Bartlett

An utterly cynical anglo-american propaganda project from the start, the White Helmets, hailed as heroes by the presstitutes, were in reality key actors in the West’s numerous false flags against Syria’s legitimate government.


Journalists were present, so the silence isn’t due to lack of access. And in any case it was live streamed on the UNTV channel, and remains available on Youtube for keen observers to watch.


More likely, the silence is due to the irrefutable documentation presented on the faux-rescue group’s involvement in criminal activities, which include organ theft, working with terrorists — including as snipers — staging fake rescues, thieving from civilians, and other non-rescuer behaviour.

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Neoliberalism Is The Rationalization For Corporate Tyranny

by Rainer Shea

To understand the pathologies behind our paradigm of militarism, institutional racism, and extreme inequality, we should focus not so much on the attitudes of the elites but on the ideology that they use to advance their agendas. In his critique of Barack Obama, the author Chris Wright comments that:

“As a Marxist, I’m not very interested in the psychology of the powerful. I don’t think it matters much, and it tends to be pretty uniform and predictable anyway: self-overestimation, self-justification, moral rationalizations for every horrendous decision made, brutal callousness to human suffering beneath (at best) a veneer of concern, energies directed to machinations for increased power, cowardly accommodation to the path of least political resistance, a collective insularity of the golden-boy culture gilded with sycophants, etc.”

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Brazil: Trade unions and environmental groups pledge to stand up to Bolsonaro

Morning Star | December 30, 2018

ALMOST 50 US-based groups have warned that Brazil’s far-right president-elect Jair Bolsonaro poses a serious threat to democracy ahead of his inauguration on Tuesday as they pledge to oppose his “hateful rhetoric.”

An open letter signed by trade unions, environmental groups, human rights organisations and academics vowed to support “courageous groups in Brazil” who are standing up for democracy, human rights and the environment.Read More »

Thousands of Iranian students protest after the death of 10 people in a bus accident

Morning Star | December 30, 2018

STUDENTS in Tehran demanded the resignation of high-ranking officials at Azad University on Saturday at a large protest over the deaths of 10 people in a bus accident on Tuesday.

Thousands gathered in the campus of the university’s Science and Research Department chanting an increasingly popular anti-government slogan: “Our backs to the enemy, our face to the nation.”Read More »