Cuba: The urgent imperative of a resistance front


Granma | November 16, 2018

Photo: ACN

If all democratic forms of government have been subjected to the most challenging tests during these times, this has been seen nowhere more ferociously than in Our America, where they have been placed in serious danger. From south to north, military lodges, landholders, power brokers, uncouth oligarchies, and big business, in sinister complicity, with no holds placed by the UN or the OAS, have abolished fundamental human and civil freedoms. The cynical manipulation of popular will, and the violent removal of constitutionally elected governments by despots of a typical totalitarian cut, characterize this dramatic process that threatens the entire continent.Read More »

The defeat of democracy in Brazil


Granma | November 20, 2018


In 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany through the democratic vote. In 2018 – 85 years after the electoral victory of the Nazi leader – former army captain Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil with 57.5 million votes from an electorate of 147 million. His rival, professor Fernando Haddad, secured 47 million votes. There were 31.3 million abstentions, 8.6 million null votes, and 2.4 million blank ballots. Consequently, 89.3 million Brazilians did not vote for Bolsonaro.Read More »

India: Farmers Begin Another March to Mumbai as Demands Remain Unfulfilled

The Wire | November 21, 2018

New Delhi: Over 20,000 farmers are participating in a two-day march which began in Thane and will culminate in Mumbai’s Azad maidan on Thursday, NDTV reported. The agitation will continue in the island city’s maidan till the demands of the protesting farmers are met, according to a reportin The Week.

The key demands of the farmers are the fulfilment of the promises that were made by chief minster Devendra Fadnavis after the long march from Nasik to Mumbai in March this year.

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End the provocations against Russia and China which could lead to war, a war the US cannot win


From Chinese president Xi Jinping meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow Chinese president Xi Jinping is in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. IMAGES. {MID-327219}
Chinese president Xi Jinping meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow Chinese president Xi Jinping is in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. IMAGES.

Chinese President Xi Jinping with Russian President Vladimir Putin after a recent meeting in Moscow

The US has a multitude of problems and issues that cry out for redress.

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Lone Voice In The Wilderness?


It is not normal that all Americans can be programmed to speak with one voice about anything. Yet, the rote, knee-jerk ‘Thank you for your service’ response uttered to anyone saying he is/was a vet is our unusual collective experience.

To thank someone you imply you are grateful for what they have done for you. ‘Thank you for your service’ extends to vets of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s consider the Vietnam war where our ‘mostly’ men, were drafted or deceived into participation there by governmental warmongers into murdering three million innocent men, women and children within their own borders. These acts include hundreds of My Lai-type incidents according to the DoD. So, just what the hell are ‘you’ thinking these hapless, misguided and abused men were doing there on your behalf?Read More »

Challenges for Pakistan — Relations with the U.S., Afghanistan, China, Iran and Religious Extremists


Photo of conference booklet by Ann Wright

I was in Pakistan 10 days ago speaking at the conference “The Geopolitics of Knowledge and Emerging World Order” organized by the Pakistani National Defense University. The symposium brought together scholars and journalists from six countries at the top military university in Pakistan. My contribution was “How Perceived Exceptionalism, Racism, Hatred, Bigotry and Rejection of the Rule of Law Can/Will Dethrone an Empire.”Read More »

Here’s How the ‘Brightest’ Object in the Universe Formed

by Andrew Blain

The Wire | November 21, 2018

Active galaxies are some of the most luminous and impressive objects in the sky. They tend to be massive, distant and emit extraordinary amounts of energy as material falls into the supermassive black hole that lurks at their centre. Astronomers have recently discovered that some of them are also hidden from plain view by huge amounts of gas and smoke-like dust. But it is unclear how these rare objects form and feed.

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