Political authoritarianism amidst growing inequalities in Southern Africa

by Patience Mususa

Photo source: Council on Foreign Relations

With the end of the cold war, the independence of Namibia in 1990 and the fall of the apartheid regime in South Africa in 1994, the Southern African region entered an era of relative political stability and competitive multi-party politics. But the peace dividend proved unable to finance the hopes and promises, and more and more political analysts point to the “mixed bag” of democratisation processes. 

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Cuba: A warm embrace from the people of Pyongyang


Granma | November 05, 2018

Photo: Estudio Revolución

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the delegation accompanying him departed the Russian Federation Saturday night, after a busy visit, to arrive in Pyongyang, where a great multitude waited to greet them, cheering and waving the flags of the two countries.Read More »

Cuba is not alone: Nations of the world highlight the absurdity of the U.S. blockade against Cuba in the UN

Granma | October 31, 2018

Once again, the UN General Assembly debated the draft resolution presented by Cuba calling for an end to the U.S. blockade. Despite U.S. attempts to sabotage the annual debate and pressure other nations to vote against Cuba – through the submission of eight ridiculous amendments to the text – this October 31 saw a wealth of nations express their support for Cuba and condemn this criminal, genocidal policy.Read More »

Oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than scientists thought

by Olivia Rosane

People’s World | November 02, 2018

Oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than scientists thought

World Wildlife Fund

The landmark report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published last month warned that humans needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 45 percent below 2010 levels by 2030 for us to have a shot at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.Read More »

The population question: Calcutta Notebook

by B J

Frontier | Vol. 51, No.18, Nov 4 – 10, 2018

Winds of change are blowing in China. A one-child policy was implemented in the eighties. A family had to pay a hefty fine if it produced a second child. The pregnant woman was forced to undergo an abortion if the family was not able to pay the fine. The rate of population growth declined steeply as a result from 3.6 births per woman to 1.8 births per woman presently. Less than 2 births per woman means that the two living persons are giving birth to lesser numbers. The population will therefore decline. This may, however, not happen immediately because life expectancy is increasing and people are living longer. In a few years, however, the lower birth rate will catch up and the total population is expected to start declining.Read More »

Evicted Mumbai slum residents occupy footpath as protest

groundxero | October 30, 2018

The fight of Mumbai’s slums against forceful eviction and deadly “rehabilitation” continues. As the Maharashtra Government and the Bombay Municipal Corporation continue to violate High Court order mandating proper and just rehabilitation for the slum residents evicted last year from all along the Tansa water pipeline, the protests have now spilled onto the streets. On Monday, hundreds of residents of the Mahul Slum Rehabilitation Apartments occupied Tilaknagar police station for an entire day, demanding proper rehabilitation, or relocation back to the original location from where they were evicted. This was a part of the ongoing symbolic occupation and reclaiming of the demolished slum of Ambedkar Nagar, Vidyavihar – one of the slums from which people had been shifted to Mahul. A GroundXeroreport.  Read More »

Global Warming Is Real. The Threat Is Real. Ecocide Is On The Horizon

by Paul Craig Roberts

Information Clearing House | October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018 Information Clearing House   The tobacco companies’ response to the US Surgeon General’s report in 1964 linking smoking to lung cancer was countered by the tobacco companies setting up propaganda organizations to create a controversy by generating doubt over the link. This strategy staved off the inevitable for more than two decades.

The same tactic is being used by the carbon energy companies against the independent climate scientists who have established that the climate is warming as a result of CO2 emissions. After a certain amount of warming, feedback mechanisms come into play that accelerate the warming. For example, as CO2 emissions raise temperatures, permafrost begins melting releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that speeds the warming.Read More »

The British Empire Is Still Being Whitewashed in UK Schools – This Must Change

by Deana Heath

The Wire | November 05, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has recently proposed that British school children should be taught about the history of the realities of British imperialism and colonialism. This would include the history of people of colour as components of, and contributors to, the British nation-state – rather than simply as enslaved victims of it.

As Corbyn rightly noted: “Black history is British history” – and hence its study should be part of the national curriculum, not segregated in a single month each year.

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