Anti-Cuban provocation plot foiled on eve of elections

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Granma | March 09, 2018

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India: Historic Farmer’s March Reaches Mumbai

 | March 11, 2018

A historic ralley of over 35,000 farmers which started from Nashik district will surround the Maharashtra Assembly tomorrow demanding loan waivers and other just demands. They walked about 180 km over the last five days. They entered Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra today and are camping at KJ Somaiya Ground in Sion.Read More »

India: Understanding Tripura Verdict

by | March 12, 2018

A new chief minister has sworn in Tripura. Obviously, BJP also played the same politics by selecting the Bengali immigrant as chief minister of the state as the CPM has been doing. In the din of despicable and condemnable attack on Lenin’s statue, the larger issues that these results have thrown have been ignored deliberately.Read More »

India: Ensure Life, Land And Self Rule for the Aadivasi communities of Kerala | March 11, 2018

Do not provoke them to another Muthanga; Do not commit them as cannon fodder to the Maoists.

In the light of the cries of agony from the tribal hamlets of Kerala, the last instance of which is the brutal murder of Madhu, the hungry forest dweller of Attappadi, in the Palaghat district of Kerala that has shocked mainstream sensibilities, civil society intervenes:Read More »

India: Saffron symbolism in red bastion

by Arup Kumar Baisya

Frontier | March 11, 2018

The episodic event of demolition of Lenin’s statue has been reenacted from erstwhile USSR, the holy land of leftism to the state of Tripura, a small hinterland of Indian nation. People of the state consciously or unconsciously acquiesced with this onslaught on the symbol of left politics. Symbol always represents content. When the content of working class politics is nullified, the people cannot bear its imagery in their hearts and minds. This is what has happened in Tripura. The rejuvenated fascist forces with diabolically opposite content have replaced the decadent left in power. This was not the case in West Bengal where TMC snatched power from Left Front through an arduous struggle for the rights of the people. TMC grasped some of the content of the left without internalizing these ideologically. The content and ideology in two different continuums are creating inner conflict within the TMC formations. In Tripura, the victor is waving aloft the symbol of fascist ideology for the entire nation to see. Almost fifty years ago, Indian nation saw the flag of the revolutionary toiling masses from Naxalbari, a small village of North Bengal and this time the flag of the counter-revolution completing its full circle is visible from Belonia, a small town of Tripura. This is a shift from village to town. This also marks the beginning of the end of second round. The fascists know this and this explains their aggressive posturing on left’s dethronement. The hinterland may raise another red flag with symbol of Lenin’s image at the core when the fascists are losing ground in mainland. But to surmise this to happen, the deviations in left’s journey need to be identified and make the people aware of these deviations for rectifications. The left practitioners should not pretend that they are the repository of all knowledge and should follow the Marxist tenet of learning from the masses. This is one of the major follies of the Indian left practitioners that they never articulate their mistakes in public domain. The conspiratorial secrecy eats up the vital of the functioning of the party. How one can expect communist overture from the present CPIM ‘Bengali Bhadralok’ leaderships who criticizes Mamata Govt for promoting Kamtapuri language and alleged minority fundamentalism, even after the sudden fall from their cherished citadel of power in Tripura.Read More »