Cuban Anniversary: A caravan retold in photos

Granma | January 08, 2018

The following selection of photographs is from the book Caravana de la libertad, by Cuban authors Luis Báez and Pedro de la Hoz. The text summarizes the journey of rebel troops led by Fidel from January 1 through the 17th, 1959, the day when they arrived in Pinar Del Río, the country’s westernmost province.

Columbia military base, now the Ciudad Escolar Libertad, January 8, 1959. Photo: Archive

The people cheer Fidel and the bearded Rebel Army troops. Photo: Archive
Fidel Castro enters Santiago de Cuba in 1959, accompanied by Celia Sánchez Photo: Archive
Fidel and Raúl Castro on the balcony of Santiago de Cuba’s City Hall. Photo: Archive

The triumph of the Revolution. Photo: Archive

January 3, Fidel meets Camilo Cienfuegos, who reports important developments in the center of the island. Photo: Archive
Fidel enters Havana, January 8,1959. Pictured as well are Juan Almeida Bosque, Camilo Cienfuegos, Augusto Martínez Sánchez and other rebel leaders. Photo: Archive
Fidel enters Havana. Photo: Archive
The Caravan traveled along the Malecón and up 23rd Street. At the Radiocentro, Fidel spoke with several artists, and amidst joyful crowds continued on to Marianao. Photo: Archive
Photo: Archive

The event held in Havana to mark the arrival of the Caravan of Liberty lasted until 2:00am on the 9th. Photo: Archive


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