Bolivia: Morales hails renewed economic growth

Morning Star | January 04, 2018

BOLIVIAN President Evo Morales hailed on Tuesday last year’s return to economic growth under his 12-year-old Movement for Socialism government.

Mr Morales confirmed that 2017 had seen a 3.8 per cent increase in GDP as a result of increased public investment late in the year as well as increased co-operation between city and provincial governments.

“The Bolivian economy consolidated itself as the first in the region in terms of annual growth since 2014 and we hope to continue as leaders in the current year,” Mr Morales said.

“Our economic model is very important not only for Bolivians but also at the international level,” the former coca-growers’ union leader added on Twitter.

“Certainly some countries in the region are better [in regard to growth figures], but it is because they have access to the sea and their economy is based on the private sector.”

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