FMLN, 37 years of struggle


Granma | October 26, 2017

Medardo González, secretary general of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, reaffirmed that the FMLN continues to struggle for the demands of the majority in El Salvador, the working class. Photo:

San Salvador.-Founded October 10, 1980, the historic Salvadoran Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), maintains its guerilla fighting spirit, taking on every an important battle.

With the 1992 peace accords, only its weapons changed, since the political field demands well conceived tactics and firm troops to survive ambushes and enemy offensives. In fact, fighting times are approaching, with elections for deputies and mayors scheduled this coming March. The vote is key to advancing the FMLN government’s projects, many of which are systematically sabotaged by the right in the National Assembly and their allies in the judicial branch, including the Attorney General’s office and the Constitutional Court.

The Front’s general secretary, Medardo González, affirms that the organization is ready for victory. The legendary Comandante Milton Méndez, his nom de guerre still used by many, has confidence in the rank and file who remain committed to social justice.

“We must always remember that the FMLN was born among the people, was constructed by the people, and continues being the guiding light in the search for progress and development for the majority,” González stated, while recognizing the role of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, in the creation and consolidation of the Front.

“We will never forget his contributions, and that he supported us in times of offensives, of resistance, and even in preparations for the negotiated end to the conflict,” he said, adding that Fidel was always well informed of debates within the Salvadoran left and devoted hours to dialoguing with different forces to promote strategic unity.
“For us, the Comandante was a builder of our organization, who taught us to see the military strategic and tactical aspect of the struggle in El Salvador, sharing all of his experience and wisdom.”

His legacy, like that of Salvadoran leader Schafik Handal (1930-2006), are serving the party well as it develops a government platform based on the needs of the people.
“We have begun changes to transform the country, but much remains to be done, and we must make an effort to add more deputies and mayors in the next elections,” emphasized González, whose customary calm way of speaking hardens when talking about the opposition, in particular the right wing Arena party, the FMLN’s political and moral nemesis.
“The Front struggles for the demands of the majority in El Salvador, the working class, while Arena and the right only work to protect the wealth of the rich,” he insisted. In an effort to recover their former power, the opposition attacks with all its strength, on all fronts, the parliamentary, economic, judicial, and media, he said,

Nonetheless, the FMLN government has made significant progress in establishing institutionality, in agriculture, production, and tourism, thanks to prioritized investment in healthcare, education, and security.

“If we want a free, cultured people, then we must promote literacy and educate. If we want a people with better skills to increase productivity, we need a healthy people,” González emphasized, summarizing a government focus that has reduced rates of poverty, malnutrition, maternal-infant mortality, and above all murder and extortion.

The challenge is great, and the enemies powerful, but this is nothing new for the FMLN. They are accustomed to this reality and assume it with dignity, honoring the phrase so often repeated by their historic leader, the unforgettable Handal: “And the struggle continues!” (PL)


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