The Indonesia Genocide 1965-66 by army: U.S. government’s “active support” of the slaughter

A Journal of People report

According to newly declassified documents posted on October 17, 2017 by the National Security Archive (NSA) at The George Washington University the U.S. government had detailed knowledge that the Indonesian Army was conducting a campaign of mass murder against the country’s Communist Party (PKI) starting in 1965.

The documents reveal not just the US government’s “detailed knowledge” of the Indonesian Army’s mass killings of members of the Communist Party (PKI), but its “active support” of the slaughter.Read More »

Foreword to Creating an Ecological Society


MR Online | October 19, 2017

Ecology Plant

As Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams point out in their new book, Creating an Ecological Society, the word “ecology” (originally œcology) was first coined in 1866 by Ernst Haeckel, Darwin’s leading German follower, based on the Greek word oikos, or household. Ironically, the word “economy,” to which ecology is often nowadays counterposed, was derived much earlier from the same Greek root—in this instance oikonomia, or household management. The close family relationship between these two concepts was fully intended by Haeckel, who defined ecology as the study of Darwin’s “economy of nature.”1Read More »

Venezuelan Opposition Candidates Admit Election Defeat as MUD Rejects Dialogue

by Lucas Koerner


Henri Falcon
Outgoing opposition Lara state Governor Henri Falcon accepted defeat on Monday. (Archive)

Caracas, October 17, 2017 ( – Opposition candidates in two states have accepted defeat in Venezuela’s regional elections, which the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) coalition has denounced as “fraudulent”.

“Responsibly we recognize that we lost and this has to be accepted,” outgoing Lara Governor Henri Falcon said during a press conference Monday.

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World Bank exists to serve American interest?

by Jonathan Mensah

Pambazuka News | October 12, 2017

Daily News

It is hard to make a case for continued support of the World Bank. Serving America’s national security and diplomatic interest is not persuasive for the remaining 189 member countries of the Bank. It is not even persuasive for Americans.

The World Bank, which receives tens of billions of dollars from the US in hard cash and guarantees, has been facing strong criticism in the US challenging its existence. In the August 10, 2017 issue of The Hill (a conservative American newspaper), Shermichael Singleton (a conservative political analyst) wrote a damaging piece titled, “Is liberalism the key to fighting global poverty? Or does it cause it?”

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