Fluoride: Unprecedented Lawsuit Set to End Water Fluoridation in the US

Alternative News Network | October 02, 2017

Water Fluoridation

A coalition of environmental, medical, and health groups have joined forces in a huge, unprecedented lawsuit that is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban artificial water fluoridation.

The groups behind the breakthrough case have served the EPA with a petition that includes more than 2,500 pages of scientific documentation on the dangers of fluoride in the water supply, detailing the risks to human health.

Among the research presented in the study, is new evidence that quantifies fluoride’s potential to lower IQ in children. With over 100 animal studies and over 50 human studies now documented proving fluoride’s neurotoxicity, the U.S. government has been prompted to fund a series of new studies.Read More »

Timeline of the Great October Revolution

A Journal of People compilation


Since March, 568 enterprises, laying off more than 104,000 workers, have closed down. Prices on average have risen by 248% compared to 1913 prices, though urban centers are hit the hardest; in Moscow prices inflated by 836%. Real wages fell by 57.4% since 1913. Bread rations are severe. In Moscow, the ration allows 2 pounds of bread per person, for an entire week. In this month, there are 440 cases where peasants and soldiers seize the land of big estate holders. The Provisional Government can barely keep up with the amount of work required to suppress the countless uprisings.Read More »