Maduro, Morales Address World Solidarity Summit in Venezuela

teleSUR | September 17, 2017

Participants at the "Todos Somos Venezuela" Summit.

Participants at the “Todos Somos Venezuela” Summit. | Photo: AVN
Some 197 delegates representing political and social organizations from around the world are discussing peace and international solidarity.


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has thanked the representatives gathered for the three-day summit titled, “We are all Venezuela,” which is being held at the Teresa Carreno Theater in Caracas.

As part of his weekly “Sundays with Maduro” program, the president reviewed all the countries represented, reiterating that every continent was present to support peace in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived in Venezuela to participate in the summit, heading up the largest delegation, numbering over 60 people.

“We are with you President Maduro,” Morales said, adding that the National Constituent Assembly and dialogue with the opposition show the country’s democracy at work. “The ANC has brought peace to Venezuela.”

The head of state emphasized, “As long as imperialism exists, the struggle continues,” he said. “We will never abandon Venezuela.”

He was greeted at the Simon Bolivar International Airport by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. “Welcome President Evo Morales.Thank you always for so much love to Venezuela and the great homeland!” Arreaza commented on his Twitter account.

Adan Chavez, ANC member and older brother of late President Hugo Chavez, urged the delegates to attend the upcoming debates and plenary sessions to draw up a final program and plan of action.

“If in reality, the imperialists went through with the threat of an invasion, we are sure that the people and countries of the world will defend Venezuela. That is putting solidarity in action,” he said.

Bolivia’s head of state will deliver a speech at the summit and will then meet with his counterpart President Nicolas Maduro, who is also set to speak at the international meeting. Bolivia is one of the countries that will participate in the follow-up commission to help reinvigorate the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

Secretario del ALBA-TCP, David Choquehuanca: La Jornada es propicia para consolidar lazos de hermandad con el mundo.

Delcy Rodriguez, president of the National Constituent Assembly spoke at the conference, affirming that in Venezuela there is a “revolution that came from Commandante Chavez to reclaim the flag of our liberators.”

She added that attempts have been made by international actors and the domestic right-wing opposition “to implant forms of aggression against the Venezuelan people that have been experienced in other countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq.”

The Secretary-General of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America David Choquehuanca confirmed — on behalf of ALBA — his solidarity with Venezuela and his commitment to strengthening dialogue between the government and the opposition.

“We have come to support dialogue. We reject the war, the confrontation between brothers, we want to build continental and world brotherhood,” Choquehuanca said.

Some 197 delegates representing political and social organizations from around the world are discussing peace and international solidarity with Venezuela at the summit.

“We want to express our respect to the government of Nicolas Maduro, the people of Venezuela, to all the peoples of the world who have come to express solidarity with the democracy of our region, our continent and the world,” Choquehuanca added.

Cuba’s representative at the summit, Fernando Gonzalez said the Bolivarian Revolution said, “It (the United States) wants to attack the Bolivarian Revolution because it is a process of integration and rapprochement of peoples. It wants to attack and destroy this model of inclusion, but the people will defend this pro-independence project.”

At the summit’s opening ceremony, the Arreaza told the audience, “In socialism, we are building hope for the Venezuelan people and for the whole world.”

Arreaza emphasized the strength of the people in the face of constant imperialist threats promoted by the U.S. government.

He said that with the departure of Hugo Chavez, the empire thought that the Bolivarian Revolution would come to an end and yet the people have remained firm in socialism with President Nicolas Maduro.

Deputy Minister for International Communication William Castillo emphasized that the struggle for peace in Venezuela is the struggle for world peace.


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