Venezuelans in the Streets to Support Constituent Assembly

teleSUR | August 07, 2017

People join Caracas march in support of the ANC.

People join Caracas march in support of the ANC. | Photo: teleSUR
The action aims to galvanize popular backing for the constituent members who were elected by more than eight million voters.

Members of Venezuelan social movements and worker’s organizations have been marching in support of the country’s National Constituent Assembly. They set off from Morelos Square in Caracas and headed to the parliament building where the Constituent Assembly is based.

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Majority of Venezuelans Think Constituent Assembly Will Protect Rights: Poll

teleSUR | August 07, 2017

Members of the National Constituent Assembly pose for a group picture during its first session.

Members of the National Constituent Assembly pose for a group picture during its first session. | Photo: Reuters

According to a poll by Hinterlaces, 54 percent of Venezuelans have full confidence that the National Constituent Assembly will successfully uphold the Constitution and safeguard their rights.

Respondents agreed that the ANC would protect social achievements, such as social missions achieved during the Bolivarian Revolution.

The research was revealed on the Jose Vicente Hoy program Sunday and was composed of 1,580 interviews which were gathered between July 4 to 20.

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People Celebrate Constituent Assembly In Caracas

Text by William Camacaro

Photographs by Rosana Silva

Compiled by Farooque Chowdhury | August 07, 2017


People are celebrating the recently concluded elections of the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela although the mainstream media reports completely ignore the fact.

William Camacaro describes the following scene from Caracas:

I am currently in Caracas, Venezuela, despite all the threats, and attacks of the empire and its poor puppet – Donald Trump.

Life did not stop yesterday in the popular area of San Agustin. There was a celebration for several hours until dawn. People were celebrating La Constituyente Ya (the Constituent Assembly). People were dancing and singing la Constituyente YA.

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The Benefits Of Being A Slave

by | August 04, 2017


My friend K. Sheshu Babu wrote a statement:

If government’s see people as private property, that may be ok because at least they ‘ value ‘ them. But, they see people as ‘ voting machines ‘ which is worse than slaves … The politicians Garner votes during elections and forget that they are in the govt because of votes and voters …not even valuable property that can be looked after …!!

Sheshu’s words remind me of comments that another person emailed me around ten years ago. They, paraphrased, went something like this:Read More »

Growth of Democratic Socialists of America reflects growing rejection of capitalism


People’s World | August 04, 2017

Growth of Democratic Socialists of America reflects growing rejection of capitalism

DSA delegates vote on a resolution. Photo by @People4Bernie on Twitter

CHICAGO – It was shoulder to shoulder on the third floor of Student Center East Thursday on the campus of University of Illinois at Chicago. Hundreds of members of Democratic Socialists of America filed into a meeting room where a generous assortment of antipasti was laid out.

About 1,000 DSA members were here this weekend for the 2017 DSA convention. Almost 800 of them are voting delegates or alternates who were elected by some 25,000 DSA members across the country. Thousands joined DSA this year confirming that “socialism” is not the dirty word it once was in America. With a boost from the Bernie Sanders campaign, a campaign by a self-described “democratic socialist,” young people in droves have been declaring for socialism as the solution to the nation’s ills.Read More »

Narmada Valley Hunger Strike Attacked: Medha Patkar And Four Others Arrested


 Environmental Protection | August 07, 2017


New Delhi | August 07, 2017 : In response to Indefinite fast led by 11 Sardar Sarovar Dam affected people and Medha Patkar in Chikhalda, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh, India, Govt of Madhya Pradesh send police forces in thousands and attacked the peaceful meeting going on there around 6 PM Today. There was no attempt to talk to the protesters sitting on fast against the illegal and unjust drowning and forceful eviction of more than 40000 families in Narmada Valley residing there without complete and just rehabilitation. For last 12 days govt made no effort to have any dialogue and started raising panic about their deteriorating health, no attempt at any dialogue.Read More »

New book exposes goals behind Washington’s Syria propaganda


People’s World | August 4, 2017

New book exposes goals behind Washington’s Syria propaganda

People walk through mounds of rubble which used to be high rise apartment buildings in the Ansari neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria. | Hassan Ammar / AP

“Are wars of aggression, wars for the conquest of colonies, then just big business? Yes, it would seem so, however much the perpetrators of such national crimes seek to hide their true purpose under banners of high sounding abstractions and ideals.”

This quote from Norman Bethune is the frontispiece for Washington’s Long War on Syria by Stephen Gowans, just out from Baraka Books.Read More »

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: Book Review

 by | August 2, 2017


Somehow, the new book of Arundhati Roy: The Ministry of Utmost  Happiness, does not seem to have received the reception it deserved. Partly this is understandable, because the fanfare, with which the first novel was celebrated when it received the Booker, could not be repeated. I saw only a few reviews of the new book. They were either written by fans or decided non-fans. There was a common tendency to compare the new book with the earlier one. This in itself is a problematic, if not wrong, approach. The God of Small Things was the living down of a childhood in a Syrian Christian village environment, violation of marriage rules, caste barriers, coming to terms with an orthodox communism under which playmates could be Lenin or Stalin, but never Trotzky or Rosa. The ingeneousness of that book was to make the microcosm of that village intelligible to the whole wide world without compromising the local colour. In the intermittent twenty years, Arundhati   has worked hard to understand People’s Struggles, first in Narmada, then all over the country. She plunged wholeheartedly into the Nuclear Question, which she felt to be “The End of Imagination”. She also did “Walking with the Comrades” in Bastar. She has lived down the caste question further in her long essay “The Doctor and the Saint”, which was published with the critical edition of Dr. Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste (New Delhi 2014).Read More »