More than 20,000 polling stations established for upcoming elections


Granma | July 21, 2017

The determination of 24,361 polling stations in 12,515 constituencies across the country has been completed in accordance with the timeline established for upcoming general elections, which will again be “an example of a truly democratic exercise, based on broad popular participation, legality, and transparency,” as Army General Raúl Castro recently reiterated.

According to María Esther Bacallao Martínez, secretary of the National Electoral Commission, 8% of the polls will be located in private homes, where all appropriate conditions are being created to ensure strict adherence to legal norms for such elections.

She reported that work is underway to establish special electoral commissions; to approve electoral districts for the second stage of voting; and to determine the numbers of deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, and delegates to Provincial Assemblies, who are to be nominated at the municipal level.

Another constant focus of attention is training, she said, adding that, in this period, the publication and verification of neighborhood lists of voters is being prioritized, an important step in the process of updating the Electors Registry, that requires active public participation.



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