Venezuela: MEPs Back Regime Change In Caracas

by James Tweedie

Morning Star | April 28, 2017

EURO-MPs backed regime change riots in Venezuela yesterday, a day after Caracas quit the “interventionist” Organisation of American States (OAS).

The European Parliament passed a resolution that “strongly condemns the brutal repression exercised by the Venezuelan security forces, as well as irregular armed groups, against the peaceful protests.”

That came as the death toll in violent anti-government protests since the start of the month hit 29, with only four known to be caused by security forces and those responsible arrested.

At least five have been confirmed killed by supporters of the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (Mud) coalition, five by unknown assailants and nine as a result of their own actions.

MEPs also demanded the release of “political prisoners” — among them Popular Will party leader Leopoldo Lopez, convicted in 2015 of inciting the previous year’s riots.

The 2014 “Guarimba” violence left 43 dead over the space of a year. It also demanded Venezuela allow in EU “humanitarian aid” and give foreign groups access to the “worst affected sectors of society.”

But Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada insisted: “Forced aid is not aid, it is an imposition.”

MEPs also want the reversal of the Supreme Court’s suspension of the National Assembly for swearing in three deputies disqualified for ballot fraud.

The vote came a day after Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said her government would begin the twoyear process of leaving the Washington-based OAS.

She said the withdrawal was provoked by attempts by “biased” OAS secretary-general Luis Almagro and a “minority faction” of member states to suspend Venezuela in support of Mud demands.

She said she and President Nicolas Maduro would present a letter to the OAS stating: “Venezuela will not participate in any activities that promote interventionism.”

She called on the international community and media to end the “brutal bias” against Venezuela and condemn the “putschist and extremist elements promoting violence and intervention in conjunction with governments who aid the Washington order.”

Cuba, expelled from the OAS in 1962 following its 1959 socialist revolution, has long dubbed the OAS the US “ministry of colonies.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales said his county’s assumption of the rotating OAS presidency this month provided the “best space to speak out against the empire.”

But he also branded the OAS “an instrument of the coup” in Venezuela.





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