‘This Fight Is Ours’: Venezuela Women March Against Imperialism

teleSUR | April 27, 2017

‘This Fight Is Ours’: Venezuela Women March Against Imperialism
Hundreds of Venezuelan women on Thursday marched against imperialist attempts to destabilize Venezuela, demanding respect for their country’s sovereignty.

The marches, concentrated in Caracas’ Plaza Bolivar, were held a day after the socialist country announced that it will pull out of the Organization of American States, OAS. The decision went public after the OAS Permanent Council approved a convening of foreign ministers to discuss Venezuela, without the country’s consent. There were 19 votes in favor of holding the meeting, 10 against, one abstention and one absence.

The women-led street demonstrations in Caracas projected a unified stance against OAS interference and U.S. intervention. It was the latest move by supporters of the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro to speak out against foreign interference.

Venezuelan women chant “Long live Chavez, the fight continues.” | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

“As our President said, we will continue in the streets of Venezuela to take hold of what is ours. Our government was elected by us, the women. This fight is ours, too.”

Grassroots movements like the Fundacion Mision Mujer Hypolita also took part. The government-funded organization provides social and economic resources to working-class citizens.

Hundreds showed up to Plaza Bolivar, Caracas in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

Yolimar Leal, an organizer with Fundacion Mision Mujer Hypolita, said women in her organization are committed to standing in solidarity with Maduro’s government amid attacks.

“We have always been part of the revolution for freedom, and we will continue to be,” Leal said.

“Women do not only give birth to leaders. We are the leaders.”

Thursday’s women’s march followed a youth march, which took place yesterday. It was organized by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela youth organization.


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