A Long History Of Western Oppression


Morning Star | 22 March, 2017

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SOME anniversaries are respectfully observed annually in the West and widely reported by the obedient “free press” — International Holocaust Memorial Day, Victory in Europe Day, Remembrance Day and so on.

Yet the following are anniversaries suitably airbrushed from history books, the media, political rhetoric and polite conversation which serves the requirements of Western power.Read More »

The Battle for Campus

Frontier | Vol. 49, No.36, Mar 12 – 18, 2017

After the JNU, it is now the Delhi University. Spiritual descendants of the lackeys of the British rulers of India and the Nazis of Germany are now on the rampage. To them, anything that does not suit their own brand of ‘nationalism’ has to be suppressed by force and this nationalism is identical with Hindutva, the essence of which is hatred of a particular religious community. A concommitant of this nationalism is genuflection before the US ruling classes and corporate capital, domestic and foreign. Read More »

Somalia: A country devastated by drought, famine and conflict

We are going to triumph

Letter to Bertha Cáceres from her daughter, Laura Zúñiga Cáceres

by Laura Zúñiga Cáceres

On what would have been indigenous and environmental movement leader Bertha Cáceres’ 45th birthday [March 4, 2017], we reproduce this letter from her daughter Laura. Cáceres was assassinated in her native Honduras just before midnight one year and one day ago. Her birthday party had already been planned.

Source: ¡Berta Vive!

The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations (COPINH), the Lenca indigenous group Cáceres cofounded in 1993, continues to work for justice for indigenous peoples and territories, for protection of the earth, and for democracy in Honduras. Like its cofounder, COPINH’s vision goes far beyond defense, instead espousing and creating new relationships among people and with Mother Earth and transformative political and economic systems.

Bertha [1] Cáceres, my mother, my mommy, was struggle in action, with oppression piled atop her, carrying on her back all the pains that this system imposes on the poor, the poor indigenous, the poor indigenous women.

Bertha, capable of indignation at every injustice in the world, rebelled against them and fought against them. Because of that, she saw everything as cross-cutting [achieved intersectional thought], she understood that capitalism, patriarchy and racism have to be fought all together.

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Cambodia Rejects US War Debt, Slams US Imperial Brutality

telesur | 21 March, 2017

U.S. fighter jets and an attack plane drop bombs on Cambodia circa 1973.

U.S. fighter jets and an attack plane drop bombs on Cambodia circa 1973. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Following the United States’ renewed insistence that Cambodia pay back its alleged “war debts,” fury across Cambodia has been widespread.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been calling for the cancellation of the debt since President Donald Trump was elected, rejected paying it, saying, “I have not sent an official letter to Trump asking him to cancel the debt … They brought bombs and dropped them on Cambodia and (now) demand Cambodian people to pay.”

Speaking at a conference earlier this month, Sen, a former commander with Cambodian communists, slammed recent comments made by U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia William Heidt about repayment, and recalled the atrocities committed by the United States in the 1970s.

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Drought Crisis Shows Mother Earth Is Thirsty and Bolivians Are Suffering

by Michael Mmcdermott

telesur | 21 March, 2017

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Bolivia is in throes of one of its worst droughts in history. Last November, the government has declared a national state of emergency over the shortages, which rolled out a water rationing program across the country. For World Water Day, teleSUR delves deeper into the current crisis and looks at how access to water in Bolivia has long been a political, social and economic battle and is increasingly wrought with environmental challenges brought on by climate change.Read More »

Manipulation of human rights continues

Granma | 22 March, 2017

To date, Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission has built 1,505,028 homes for the country’s most vulnerable. Photo: TELESUR

A recurring theme over these days has been human rights, giving rise to media manipulations, and involving individuals who, from centers of power or paid by them, are making a veritable feast with the issue, for those wanting to impose their model on the world and others who, working as paid mercenaries, are used for that purpose.

Some, such as Luis Almagro, secretary general of the discredited Organization of American States (OAS), have targeted the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, seeking foreign intervention in the country. This could be due to the fact that the nation’s governments, first led by Chávez and subsequently Maduro, have developed social programs to guarantee the population their basic human rights, such as building and delivering over one million homes, free healthcare for all, eradicating illiteracy, or many other achievements which have been recognized both in and outside the country.Read More »

Ernesto Che Guevara: His path to making history in the Americas

A necessary historical, biographical, military atlas

The Atlas histórico, biogra?fico y militar Ernesto Guevara, by authors Reinaldo Espinosa Goitizolo and Guillermo Grau Guardarrama.

THE figure of Ernesto Che Guevara awakens great passions and has become a symbol of universal appeal. One of his portraits, from the lens of Alberto Korda, is one the world’s most reproduced images.

This year, the tragic date of October 9 seems even more piercing: 50 years since his assassination in La Higuera, Bolivia. Despite the dozens of books written about Che, the search for information leads inevitably to the Atlas histórico, biográfico y militar Ernesto Guevara, by authors Reinaldo Espinosa Goitizolo and Guillermo Grau Guardarrama, published in Havana, in 1990, by the Pueblo y Educación house, with the support of the Cuban Institute of Geodesy and Cartography.Read More »